Roberts-Holliday to lead StuGov, fewer students vote in election


© Marijke Mendeszoon

Emily Roberts proposing why she should be fit for position of president.

Emily Roberts, a senior in chemical engineering, and Jennifer Holliday, a junior triple majoring in agricultural studies, journalism and international agriculture, were elected as the next Student Government president and vice president, respectively.

The 2023 Student Government election saw a total of 1974 voters–a 38.9% decrease from 2022’s 3231 total voters. Along with the decreased voter turnout, the election saw fewer candidates bidding to run for the senate. This resulted in vacancies and write-ins including candidates such as Spongebob Squarepants, Big Bird and Kanye West.

Roberts said her win is expressive of the student body’s desire to feel a sense of belonging to the larger campus community.

“Our alumni have come back to visit campus, come to football games; they talk about their time at Iowa State and how they would never have chosen a different university [and] how they would gladly fly in,” Roberts said. “You don’t really see that same excitement with our current students, and we think that’s just often because they feel lost.”

Roberts said she and Holliday plan to incorporate aspects of their competitors’ platforms into their future administration, citing talking points regarding student organization outreach efforts from Rebecka Larson, a senior majoring in agricultural policy, and Arilyn Tegtmeier-Oatman, a senior majoring in global resource systems– both formerly slated for the president and vice president seats.

“Student Government works for student organizations; we fund student organizations–we work for students,” Roberts said. “Every student organization should feel supported throughout their journey […] running a student organization should be fun; it should be simple. It shouldn’t be the hardest part of your life.”

Regarding talking points from former candidates Kit Clayburn, a senior double majoring in animal ecology and biology, and Ella Slade, a junior majoring in journalism and mass communications, Roberts said she would like to begin facilitating conversations regarding the reevaluation of dining plans to accommodate all students.

“I think I’m really excited to just work with Jennifer, but in general, I am just excited to represent Cyclones,” Roberts said.

Senate Results

The senate results are as follows, with write-in having to submit their acceptance or denials for their respective position by 5 p.m. Tuesday. All ties are set to be broken by their respective constituency council.

The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences elected:

  • Hannah Everhart, a junior in agricultural and life sciences education.
  • Dawson Chenoweth, a sophomore in agricultural systems technology.

The College of Engineering

  • Jessica Guerrero, a sophomore in software engineering.
  • Anna Hackbarth, a senior in electrical engineering.
  • Max Kueller, a senior in software engineering.
  • ​​Sam McCarter, a sophomore in aerospace engineering.

The Graduate College elected:

  • Edward Mahoney, a graduate student in computer science.

The Graduate College saw a three-way tie with write-in candidates:

  • Jazmin Lambertson, business administration.
  • Efrain Rodriguez-Ocasio, chemical and biological engineering.
  • Levi Soborowicz, economics.

The College of Human Sciences elected:

  • Brandon Kamstra, a junior in kinesiology and health.

The College of Human Sciences also saw an eight-way tie between the following candidates who all got one vote each:

  • Reagan Duwe, a senior in kinesiology and health.
  • Desiree German, a junior in hospitality management.
  • Ethan Johnson, a senior in psychology.
  • Jami Kruse, a sophomore in elementary education.
  • Erin Small, a junior in event management.
  • Kyle Swenson, a senior in kinesiology and health.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants.
  • Patrick Star.

The College of Design saw an 18-way tie between write-ins:

  • Joe Betti, a junior in landscape architecture.
  • Joel Burris, a junior in landscape architecture.
  • Jake Carr, a freshman in pre-architecture.
  • Jillian Cihocki, a sophomore in interior design.
  • Reed Finnegan, a sophomore in landscape architecture.
  • Lucy Hawblitzel, a senior in graphic design.
  • Ethan Jost, a junior majoring in architecture-professional degree.
  • Edgar Juarez, a junior in graphic design.
  • Leroy McGarity, a junior in community and regional planning.
  • Nathanial Moklestad, a sophomore in design with an undeclared major.
  • Kristen Peka, a senior majoring in architecture-professional degree.
  • Erik Rolwes, a freshman majoring in pre-industrial design.
  • Mitchell Squire, a professor in architecture.
  • Gracia Taylor, a senior in graphic design.
  • Jonah Warren, a senior in finance.
  • Sarah Narh.
  • Big Bird.
  • Joe.

The Ivy College of Business elected:

  • Quinn Margrett, a freshman in business economics.

The Ivy College of Business also saw a 21-way tie between:

  • McKade Adams, a senior in management.
  • Logan Cox, a junior in management information systems.
  • Ryan Crawford, a senior in actuarial science.
  • Brenden Dwyer, a senior in accounting.
  • Connor Euton, a sophomore in accounting.
  • Dean Hagstrom, a junior in supply chain management.
  • Alison Hendrix, a senior in marketing.
  • Ryan Ingstad, a junior in supply chain management.
  • Logan Johnson, a junior in finance.
  • Max Kern, a senior in marketing.
  • Eddie Lemos, a freshman in pre-business.
  • Joey Markun, a senior in marketing.
  • Tom Nitsch, a sophomore in business economics.
  • Luke Olthoff, a senior in finance.
  • Mark Rapp, senior in marketing.
  • Ethan Shepherd, sophomore in management information systems.
  • Nigel Sperfslage, a junior in accounting.
  • Bryan Stewart, a junior in accounting.
  • Ben Vander Leest, a senior in business analytics.
  • Antonio Brown.
  • Kanye West.

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences elected:

  • Obi Agba, a junior in political science.
  • Asray Gopa, a freshman in computer sciences.

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences saw a two-way tie over the last seat between:

  • Madeline Becker, a graduate student in economics who will be ineligible to hold the position due to having been elected to represent a different constituency.
  • Ethan Johnson, a senior in psychology.

The College of Veterinary Medicine saw a four-way tie over their one seat in the senate. The tie is between:

  • Hannah Burrows, a second year in veterinary medicine.
  • Elle Moon, a second year in veterinary medicine.
  • Nolan Smith, a second year in veterinary medicine.
  • Allison Wessels, a third year in veterinary medicine.

The College Panhellenic Council elected:

  • Madeline Becker, a graduate student in economics.

The Interfraternity Council elected:

  • Erik Braun, a junior majoring in mechanical engineering.

The residents of Frederiksen Court elected through a write-in:

  • Caden Sporleder, a junior in agricultural and life sciences education.

Iowa State students who reside off-campus elected:

  • Stacia Drey, a sophomore in political science.
  • Alex Cecil, a senior in agronomy.
  • Lena Vo, a junior in linguistics.
  • Kolton Eisma, a sophomore in agricultural business.

Candidate written-in to represent off-campus students include:

  • Paige Harman, a senior in community and regional planning.
  • Ethan Matthews, a sophomore in performing arts.
  • Caleb Moy, a sophomore in mechanical engineering.
  • Ella Slade, a junior in journalism.
  • Trey Wellman, a sophomore in agricultural and rural policy studies.
  • Lauren Byers, a junior in human development and family studies.

Students who reside within residence halls elected:

  • David Heidenreich, a junior in mechanical engineering.

Students residing within resident halls also wrote in:

  • Spenser Leise, a freshman in advertising.
  • Desiree German, a junior in hospitality management.

Students residing within the Schilletter-University Village community wrote in a tie between the following candidates:

  • Sedara Adewale, a graduate student in agricultural and biosystems engineering.
  • Zohara Assadipour, a senior in psychology.
  • Jacob Friedrich, a senior in horticulture.
  • Kainoa Goldschmitz, a senior in mechanical engineering.
  • Meredith Mays, a senior in communication studies.
  • Kristen Peka, a senior majoring in architecture-professional degree.
  • Javier Ramirez, senior in industrial technology.
  • Federico Veneri, a graduate student in statistics.
  • Zarina Wafula, a graduate student in education.
  • Jim Dingles