Rating Ames cafes on study-ability


Nicole Hasek

Vinyl Cafe is located on Main Street in Downtown Ames.


Location-wise, Bookends is the perfect place to spend all day studying. Being inside of Parks Library means easy access to printers, computers and books. Classes are just a short walk away, so it is easy to stop in during short breaks in the day.

There are a few tables inside, but the noise level can get a bit high for those trying to focus. Right outside are more places to sit, and each table is next to an outlet, making charging laptops easy.

Recommended items:
Lavender white mocha (limited to spring)
Strawberry cream cheese danish

Rating: 10/10

Cafe Diem

On Main Street, many students bring their homework and textbooks to Cafe Diem. Since it does get busy, it is a good idea to bring headphones to drone out the potentially loud noise. This is a popular cafe, and an open seat is sometimes difficult to find.

The only easily accessible outlets are located at the small tables near the door, which are not always available. Open daily until 8 p.m., this is the best stop for post-class studies.

Recommended items:
Strawberry smoothie
Belgian waffle

Rating: 7/10

Vinyl Cafe

Also located on Main Street, Vinyl Cafe is the perfect place to study if you forgot headphones. Records are always playing, and they often produce soft and calming music. Since the cafe usually isn’t crowded, the noise level doesn’t distract from the peaceful atmosphere, and claiming a spot next to an outlet is not difficult.

Browsing through the collection of vinyl records for sale can be a nice, quick break from assignments. The owner, Blake Delaney, enjoys creating different drinks and will go off the menu for flavored iced lattes.

Vinyl Cafe only serves drinks, so it is not the best place for those who are also looking for a snack or meal while studying. The drinks are served in red solo cups with a straw and lid, so spilling on homework or laptops is not much of a concern.

Recommended items:
Milli vanilli
The breakfast club

Rating: 8/10


Located seven stories up, it’s hard to beat the view Clouds offers. It’s also hard to beat their seating selection, as downstairs is all table seating and upstairs is filled with small tables and comfy chairs.

In every corner of the room and in every seating area upstairs, charging strips are available, making it possible to stay plugged in at every seat.

Clouds often hosts events, such as wine tastings and themed meals. These events take up a large amount of space and are important to be aware of while making study plans.

Recommended items:
Jasmine blooming tea
Mixed berry açaí bowl

Rating: 9/10

Daytime Diner

Fairly new to Ames, Daytime Diner has a large selection of food and drink options to provide energy for long assignments and papers. They tend to get busiest in the morning, and close at 3 p.m., making it a spot for early afternoon studies.

Snagging a spot by a charging cord may not be the easiest, but there are a few by tables. The bright atmosphere and trendy decor make for a peaceful setting that is easy to focus in.

Recommended Items:
Honey almond latte
Breakfast tacos

Rating: 7/10