Students keep up with fashion trends over spring break

Many Iowa State students spent the past week traveling around the world for spring break. The Daily kept up with students’ travels and their fashion choices for their breaks.

Alissa Laurienzo, a senior in kinesiology and health, spent her break traveling around Florence, Italy. Laurienzo brought simple, chic clothing that easily paired together.

“I wanted to dress how people in Italy dress,” Laurienzo said. “I chose a mix of casual staples and brought a few items to dress my looks up a bit.”

For Laurienzo, this was achieved by pairing simple blue jeans and a white top with a blazer for a more sophisticated look.

Laurienzo kept it simple for her accessories by bringing a clean pair of white tennis shoes that were comfortable to walk in all day. She also carried a small Louis Vuitton bag that contained daily essentials without being too big. During her time there, she visited landmarks, went to wineries and ate plenty of delicious Italian food.

“The food was definitely my favorite part of the trip,” Laurienzo said. “We ate at this local pizza place called Rossopomodoro. Everything tasted so fresh, and every restaurant had an amazing view.”

Laurienzo made conscious choices to feel put-together and ready for adventure. With nonstop activity, Laurienzo perfectly chose outfits that were a combination of comfortable and chic.

Alissa Laurienzo, a senior in kinesiology and health, spent her break traveling around Florence, Italy.

Isabelle Phillips, a junior in advertising, spent her break visiting Scottsdale, Arizona.

“I was going for a more mature look,” Phillips said. “I would describe my style as slick and preppy but still fun.”

Phillips achieved an elevated look by playing around with layering. She chose a basic white button-down and layered a sweater vest overtop. She matched this combination with a ripped pair of light-wash jeans. If there’s one thing Phillips loves to do, it is accessorize her outfits to make them more interesting.

“I love to add fun accessories to make any outfit pop,” Phillips said. “I like a lot of simple clothing items, and accessories are a way for me to add interest.”

Phillips achieved this by matching her outfit with a white bow headband and a classic Burberry purse. During her time in Scottsdale, Arizona, Phillips’ days were spent hiking, lying by the pool and going out for dinner and drinks to end the night.

“I brought clothes that I would be able to do a lot in,” Phillips said. “I go to Arizona a lot, so I knew I would need clothes that could easily go from day to night and accommodate to changing temperatures.”