KURE hosts 26 hour trivia contest


Graphic by Olivia Fransen

KaleidoQuiz is an annual 26-hour trivia contest hosted by KURE 88.5.

For 26 hours, KURE 88.5 will be interrupting unique DJ sets every six minutes to ask obscure trivia questions.

From Friday at 4 p.m. to Saturday at 6 p.m., teams participating in Kaleidoquiz (KQ) will rack up as many points as possible in an attempt to be named winner at the 7 p.m. awards ceremony.

The 260 questions range from 10-50 points, with the final questions typically being worth 100 points, according to Ethan Baccam, KQ director and senior in psychology.

“We have a quiz committee, and I think it’s really nice because a lot of us have different structures of questions,” Baccam said. “We have our engineer who will literally just dig into some random manual and be like, ‘On page 87 of the railroad manual…,’ and those are great.”

The top three teams will receive prizes provided by Mayhem, overall worth around $500. These include board games, figurines, card games and gift cards, according to Mayhem manager Cole Johnson.

“It’s a way to get people into the store,” Johnson said. “If someone goes ‘Oh that’s cool, where did you get it?’ then they can say ‘Mayhem,’ and then they can come explore the store.”

Along with trivia questions, there will be events on campus where teams will send a specified number of members. These events are unknown to teams until the participants arrive at the location. The largest KQ event is the travel portion, where members may be asked to leave the state. In 2022, this event took participants to Minneapolis.

“Our limit is Canada,” Baccam said. “Essentially, you’re going to be going to a place we tell you, and you’re going to do a couple things from that city that we found was cool.”

When a team has the answer to the trivia question, they will call the station and talk to one of the eight volunteers answering phones. These volunteers will neither confirm nor deny their answer until the correct answer is given on air. Teams have six minutes to find and report an answer.

“It’s the same as QuickyKwiz with questions, events and scavenger hunts, but it’s all dialed up to 11,” Baccam said. “There’s more questions, more events, a travel challenge, three or four more montages, photo and video challenges. There’s many different ways you can get points.”

The 21 other volunteers will help with DJ sets, asking questions and helping with events. Currently, there are six teams with about 10 participants each, and a few more teams are expected to join.

In order to get through the 26 hours, Baccam relies on coffee and the endurance of those around him.

“You sometimes can find us sleeping in the office, but it’s mainly a battle of attrition,” Baccam said. “I think there’s this collective feeling, that we’re about 14 hours in and no one’s falling asleep, so why should I?”

During late night DJ sets, around 1 a.m. to 4 a.m., DJs are allowed to play whatever they want. With participants typically losing focus and consciousness at this point, the music playing has a large effect on how well the teams perform.

“We’ve had one person suggest nature sounds, just coming in and only playing nature sounds,” Baccam said.

Starting off this trivia competition’s DJ set at 4 p.m. on Friday is Ames resident and KQ volunteer Baily Boozell, playing wrestling theme songs.

From 6 p.m. to 7 p.m., Griffin Bruns, a junior majoring in computer science, will play a video game inspired set under the name DJ GT. Bruns will play uninterrupted leading into the award ceremony, as the trivia questions and events end at 6 p.m.