American energy production advances economic prosperity


The EIA is responsible for collecting, analyzing, and disseminating energy information to promote sound policymaking and public understanding of energy and its interaction with the economy and the environment.

In 2019, the United States became energy independent for the first time in 62 years – a major milestone for our nation’s energy and national security. That same year, according to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), the price of a gallon of gasoline averaged $2.60 nationwide and just $2.49 in the Midwest, while household electricity bills averaged $115 for American families. These low costs were possible thanks to Republican policies that encouraged American energy production and lowered prices at the pump.

However, on his first day in office, President Joe Biden destroyed American energy production and our energy independence by killing the Keystone XL pipeline, saddling American energy producers with crippling red tape and additional taxes, and outsourcing our energy needs to our enemies. As a result of his failed policies, the average price of a gallon of gas eclipsed $4.67 in 2022, and the average household electricity bill surged over 14%, surpassing $122 a month for American families, according to the EIA. 

Between record inflation and skyrocketing energy costs created by President Biden’s wasteful spending and Green New Deal agenda, middle-class families and family farmers are facing significant economic hardship and uncertainty. 

Republican Randy Feenstra serves as the U.S. representative for Iowa’s 4th congressional district.

That’s why, this week, House Republicans passed our Lower Energy Costs Act – one of our top priorities this Congress – which will cut burdensome red tape for our energy sector, lower gas prices for our families, reduce input costs for our farmers and end President Biden’s attacks on American energy production. Additionally, this legislation will expedite energy projects, promote domestic mineral processing and reverse President Biden’s executive orders hamstringing American energy.

I’m also proud that my amendment – the Defend America’s Rural Energy Act – to this important legislation passed the U.S. House of Representatives by a vote of 407 to 26, which defends our farmers and energy producers from Chinese influence and foreign land grabs. More specifically, my amendment would prevent China from buying American farmland suitable for ethanol and biodiesel production, which is vital to our rural economy in Iowa and our energy security at large. Simply put, we must keep China far away from our farmland because American farmland belongs to American farmers – period.

In our Commitment to America, Speaker Kevin McCarthy and House Republicans pledged that we would increase domestic energy production, lower gas prices and make America energy independent again. With the passage of the Lower Energy Costs Act, we have fulfilled another promise to the American people by prioritizing American energy dominance over dirty, foreign oil. 

We are a government together, and your thoughts and opinions matter to me. Please contact my office at Feenstra.House.Gov or by phone at 202-225-4426 if I can ever be of assistance. I am proud to represent our families, farmers, main street businesses and rural communities in Congress.