StuGov elects new speaker and vice-speaker of the Senate


Daniel Jacobi II

Student Senate Vice-President Jennifer Holliday allows other senators to ask questions during the election for the Speaker of the Senate during the Student Senate meeting in the Memorial Union Campanile Room Wednesday, April 19, 2023.

The senate completed their first meeting of the term, confirming a slew of nominations, including the nominations of the senate’s speaker and vice-speaker, Wednesday evening.

Speaker of the senate

The senate elected Ivy College of Business Senator Quinn Margrett, freshman in business economics, as speaker of the senate. The senators saw College of Engineering Senator Max Kueller, a senior in software engineering, as well as Off-Campus Senator Alex Cecil, a senior in agronomy, running against Margrett as speaker.

Margrett said he was in a unique position where he is experienced enough to know how to implement effective decisions but new enough to understand the issues new senators run into when joining the senate.

All three candidates touched on the issue of outreach and expressed the importance of connecting with the student body in more meaningful ways.

“With no infrastructure to meet students where they are, we can’t expect them to come to us,” Margrett said.

Margrett said he hopes to build interaction with the student body and will work tirelessly to make connections with students.

Vice Speaker of the senate

The senate elected Obi Agba, junior in political science, as vice speaker of the senate. The senators saw Brandon Kamstra, senior in kinesiology and health, Kueller and Cecil running against Agba as vice speaker.

Agba said they are qualified for the position because of their continued efforts towards diversity around campus.

“It does get tiring, but personally I love to do it,” Agba said. “I love to advocate for students who feel like they don’t have that voice, who feel like they’re not listened to.”

Chief of Staff

The senate confirmed the nomination of Senator Anna Hackbarth, senior in electrical engineering, for the position of chief of staff.

Hackbarth said they plan to begin weekly and bi-weekly check-ins with each director, supporting them in their projects.

“I will do everything in my power to make this [position] a priority in my life,” Hackbarth said

Finance Director

The senate confirmed the nomination of Martin Hursh, sophomore in economics, for the position of Finance Director.

Hursh plans to hold the senators’ decisions over their own and to facilitate discussion.

“A fee increase may have to be necessary,” Hursh said. “If you can barely fund [students], then you can’t really fund them at all […] We want [student] events to be successful.”

Director of Health and Wellness

The senate nominated Anna Spahn, junior in healthcare management, for the position of director of health and wellness.

Spahn said they would focus on issues involving women, the LGBTQIA+ community and mental health.

“[Former] Director [Charlotte] Everist has left me with some big shoes to fill, and I have and will continue to learn a lot from her as I continue to serve the students of Iowa State,” Spahn said.

Student Fees and Tuition Committee

The senate confirmed Student Government Vice President Jennifer Holliday, a junior in agricultural studies, and Off-Campus Senator Kolton Eisma, a sophomore in agricultural business, to the Student Fees and Tuition Committee.

Holliday said she is qualified for this position because of her connections and experience in running a business.

“I will be able to take all of the other duties within my current position as vice president,” Holliday said. “I am ready to hear everybody’s concerns and thoughts for this next year to make sure that everything is taken care of properly.”

Eisma said he is qualified for the position because of their prior treasury experience on and off campus, emphasizing the importance of effective communication needed for the role.

“We must keep financial transparency,” Eisma said.

New Senator

The senate confirmed Jian Janes, junior in management and information systems, for the position of business senator. Janes was nominated for the position by the College of Ivy Business Student Council.

Janes plans to use their experience as a president of other clubs at ISU to push for more student engagement.

“I’ve always wanted to be part of [Student Government] […] but didn’t know how to,” Janes said.

The senate also confirmed Alexandra Momaney, sophomore in global resource management, for the position of off-campus senator. Momaney was nominated by the United Residents Off-Campus.

Hackbarth spoke in favor of Momaney’s nomination.

“[Momaney is] so passionate about all the work [she] had done here,” Hackbarth said.

Momaney shared her zeal about her projects with the senate.

“I would really appreciate a chance to not only finish some projects that I started but make new ones as well,” Momaney said.

CyRide Board of Trustees

The senate nominated Student Government President Emily Roberts, a senior in chemical engineering and Janes for the CyRide Board of Trustees.

Roberts said she believes that electric buses are the next step for CyRide and that she wants to focus on routes for students, adding that she plans to take the entirety of the Ames community into consideration as well.

Janes said they have prior experience working with CyRide due to previous projects.

“I have been on campus for three years, and have used CyRide for three years,” Janes said. “I’ve used mostly Brown South—love that one.”

Funding for Black Student Alliance: Black Excellence Gala 2023

The senate approved $2,272.00 in funding for the Black Student Alliance in order to host their Black Excellence Gala this coming weekend.

The event will feature Black excellence on campus and promote the National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) to the ISU community.

This gala represents an opportunity for the Black Student Alliance to celebrate the end of the year.

For the first event, there will be a breakfast and lunch for lower and upperclassmen as well as faculty and alumni to come and network. Later that night, the Gala will take place where Toyia Younger, senior vice president of student affairs, will speak.

“The Black community as a whole at Iowa State really looks up to [Younger],” said Mary Malausky, a junior in psychology and the deputy director of the diversity, equity and inclusion committee.

The second event is on Sunday and will feature a brunch focusing on Greek life within the Black community and promoting the NPHC.

“I think this is a great opportunity for this community,” Kamstra said. “I will definitely be voting for this, and I encourage you all to do the same.”

This will be the first year the gala is held, but plans are being made to make this an annual event.

To be addressed next meeting

Next week, the senate is set to address:

  • The nomination of a veterinary medicine senator.
  • Addressing a debt the Student Organization St. Jude owes to Student Government.
  • A bill that would fund Destination Iowa State meals to the tune of $3,000.
  • A bill that would fund Cardinal Eats, a student organization, to the tune of $3,000.