Jubilee Gospel Choir perform at final Monday Monologue of the year


Members of Jubilee Gospel Choir showed off their vocal talent and love for God at Parks Library on Monday during the final Monday Monologues of the year.

Odosasere Amadasun, club president and a sophomore in sociology, is excited for students to learn more about Jubilee Gospel Choir and become involved after their performance.

“People walk around, and if they like what they see, they want to ask for more information or hear more about it,” Amadasun said.

Amadasun started the group last semester with April Finley, Jubilee Gospel Choir adviser, to bring gospel music to the community.

The first solo was performed by Musa Lundy, a senior in psychology, who sang “God is Able,” by Smokie Norful.

“I don’t have to worry about what’s going to happen because God is there,” Lundy said before performing.

Lundy has been singing in choirs since he was a junior in high school and started singing gospel last September, shortly before Jubilee Gospel Choir’s debut performance.

Musa Lundy performing with Jubilee Gospel Choir at Monday Monologues.

“I’ve been in choir since I was a baby,” said Teneill Childers, a sophomore in industrial design. “I was always in gospel choir whether it was in church or in school.”

Childers performed “I Won’t Complain,” by Rev. Paul Jones as a solo and played tambourine during group performances. She chose this song because she said it related to her life, and she thanks God for everything.

Teneill Childers performing with Jubilee Gospel Choir at Monday Monologues.

“As a college student, sometimes it feels like there’s nobody around that is a fellow Christian,” said Victoria Bina, a sophomore in management. “It’s really nice to be in a group of people that share the same values and beliefs.”

Carl Wells, equal opportunity director, played keyboard during the performance. Wells was filling in for JaWon Matthews from Friendship Baptist Church’s music department.

To end the performance, the group sang “The Blood Still Works,” and “There is None Like You.”