Memorial Union to host free live music


Hasta Verano performs at Terrace Tuesday on April 25.

The Memorial Union terrace transformed into a cover-free live music venue for Terrace Tuesday, hosted by KURE 88.5, at 5 p.m. Tuesday.

The opening band, Vehicle Dynamics, was created last semester when Vaugh Miller, a senior in computer engineering, and Chris Merica, a junior in mechanical engineering, decided to start a rock band.

Being fairly new to performing, drummer Seth Braddock said the band sometimes worries about how well they played after sets.

“After every show, I’m going, ‘I played like shit,’” said Cole Hildbrand, Vehicle Dynamics bassist. “Then you hear it back, or other people make you feel better about it.”

In order to overcome these fears, Merica tries not to think much while performing and focuses on the music.

In the middle of a dry spell with booking shows, Hasta Verano jumped on the chance to perform at Terrace Tuesday. With five members from three different colleges, all with busy schedules as students, the band rarely finds time to practice and play together.

“We just show up and play,” said Chase McLaren, Hasta Verano drummer. “We just have to trust and rely on each other to learn the music and be able to pull it off.

Hasta Verano performed a range of a setlist, mixing original music with covers from St. Motel, Olivia Rodrigo and Luke Bryan.

Look @ Me ended the night with an energetic mosh pit breaking out on the terrace when they covered “Sugar We’re Going Down.” Their performance also included their latest single, “Vices & Goodbyes,” which was released in February.

“We have a really good relationship with a lot of local bands just because a huge part of what we do is interacting with them,” said Carly Nichols, KURE general manager.

In order to choose which bands will perform at KURE events, the staff reaches out to local bands and chooses their favorites based on who is available.

“A lot of us just go out in the community and are at shows all the time, so we’re familiar with them,” Nichols said.

Currently, KURE is only able to host one to two Terrace Tuesdays per semester due to the setup difficulty, but Nichols hopes for more in the future.