Nurse practitioner arrested for human trafficking, pimping and prostitution

Carl Markley faces 17 charges from a federal grand jury, the Sourthern District of Iowa U.S. Attorneys Office announced Friday.

Carl Markley faces 17 charges from a federal grand jury, the Sourthern District of Iowa U.S. Attorney’s Office announced Friday.

Katherine Kealey, Editor-in-Chief

Nurse practitioner Carl Markley, 44, was arrested and charged with human trafficking, pimping and prostitution Monday after being arrested for sexual exploitation of a minor Friday. 

Police found an image of a 15-16 year old’s genitals during a search warrant of Markley’s residence and business. Markley told the minor male he required a physical examination in order to be employed by Markley, according to the criminal complaint. 

Hidden cameras in a clock and pen were seized from Markley’s residence. Police also found “commercial pornographic videos consisting of doctor models conducting sexual acts with patient models in a clinical setting,” according to the complaint. Markley’s search history also showed searches on “tween porn sites.”

Markley is also one of the owners of Inside Golf and Perfect Games in Ames. Under the three additional charges, Markley’s bail is set at $10,000. According to past reporting from the Iowa State Daily, the investigation has been ongoing for months now and it is possible other members of the community have been impacted. Sgt. Amber Christian of the Ames Police Department said the department will continue to conduct an investigation of the incidents. 

“We are obviously encouraging people to come forward,” Christian said. “In addition to that, I want to remind everybody that there are resources available in our community to help victims of sexual abuse.”

The Ames Police Department has been in communication with ACCESS which provides free and confidential support to victims. The Sexual Assault Crisis Line has trained advocates available 24 hours a day seven days a week and can be reached at 515-292-5378.