BREAKING: 15 student-athletes involved in sports wagering allegations


Andrew Harrington, Managing Editor

Approximately 15 student-athletes from three different sports allegedly were involved in online sports wagering, according to a statement from Iowa State Athletics released Sunday.

“Iowa State University and its Department of Intercollegiate Athletics is aware of online sports wagering allegations involving approximately 15 of our active student-athletes from the sports of football, wrestling and track & field in violation of NCAA rules. The university has notified the NCAA and will take the appropriate actions to resolve these issues,” Iowa State Athletics stated in the release.

As stated on the NCAA’s website, sports wagering of any kind is prohibited, and penalties are on a case-by-case basis:

NCAA rules prohibit participation in sports wagering activities and from providing information to individuals involved in or associated with any type of sports wagering activities concerning intercollegiate, amateur or professional athletics competition.”

An investigation was launched on the same day regarding the University of Iowa’s baseball team by the Iowa Gaming Commission.

The Iowa Board of Regents put out a thread on Twitter acknowledging the two issues, saying the board will cooperate and monitor the issue.