Local artists showcased at Main Street Art Walk


Nicole Hasek

Rock painting was available on Main Street during Art Walk.

The work of dozens of local artists was displayed at businesses along Main Street on Thursday for the annual Art Walk. Each artist paired up with a business where they displayed their work.

Karrie Daniels has been painting since she was young and currently paints every day. She spends anywhere from a single night to over a month working on original pieces. Tom Daniels then turns these pieces into prints and designs that can be used for posters, bags, cups, notebooks and other goods.

“We get to have exposure with the Ames community and we also get to have involvement, and that’s really important to us because Ames is our home,” Daniels said.

The interaction between their business and the community is what she appreciates the most from the Art Walk, as they are able to form personal connections with each customer.

Kerrie Daniels’ and Tom Daniels’ original art outside of the Ames Public Library during the Art Walk. (Nicole Hasek)

A year after graduating from the Iowa State College of Design in 2015, Brooke Hartmann started selling prints as “art by BACH.” Her work includes prints, stickers and cards designed digitally, with watercolor or with acrylic paint.

Hartmann’s stand was located at Della Viti for her seventh year participating, made possible by the free entry for artists.

“That means a lot and it’s also supporting local businesses, so this event is big for me,” Hartmann said.

Art by BACH was started by Iowa State graduate Brooke Hartmann in 2016. (Nicole Hasek)

As Nathan Moore sat outside the Octagon Center for the Arts where his work was being displayed, the light rain covered his pottery wheel and the clay he had just begun shaping.

“I started in high school, my senior year last trimester, where I took a ceramics class, and then I picked it up in college and just stuck with it ever since,” Moore said.

Nathan Moore starting a new pottery piece at Art Walk.

Moore has spent the last two years teaching ceramics, photography and other art classes at Gilbert High School. He also works at CASA, Creative Artists’ Studios of Ames, where he creates pieces a few times a week.

Each piece takes three to four weeks to complete and differs based on how long it takes to dry.

“You can throw it in 15, 20, 30 minutes, but then [there is] the drying process and trimming after that,” Moore said. “It’s just a waiting game, then getting enough pieces for the fire to put into kilns to make it worth it.”

Nathan Moore’s pottery displayed at the Octagon Center for the Arts during Art Walk. (Nicole Hasek)


Alice Tosi, who has been creating art since grade school, displayed her prints and stickers outside of FunDamental Studios.

“I do a variety of subjects like fantasy, animals, cartoon portraits—just bright uplifting stuff,” Tosi said.

Alice Tosi displaying her art at Art Walk. (Nicole Hasek)