Brother-sister duo Flint Eastwood to play at Maintenance Shop


Courtesy of SUB

Jax and Seth Anderson originally started their career under the group name “Apple Trees & Tangerines.”

Tanner Owens

Brother-sister duo Flint Eastwood will make their Maintenance Shop debut Friday.

The indie-pop band has an especially electronic sound with heavy bass samples and a surplus of synthesizer sounds that create a rich array of textures for lead singer Jax Anderson to lay lyrics over. The other half of the band, Seth Anderson, whose stage name is Syblyng, takes over production responsibilities to create unique hip-hop-inspired beats.

Jax Anderson’s lyrics have a covered a wide range of topics over the years she has been active. Her lyrics in early works often covered the struggles of being told they’re not good enough and being faced with constant adversity, something both siblings are familiar with.

Seth Anderson was released from Atlantic Records as a touring bassist when he was 19 and was also turned away from the music school at his college. Jax Anderson, a member of the LGBTQIA+ community grew up in a heavily religious family in Detroit, making her no stranger to adversity. The duo has since garnered a significant following and has ventured into LGBT music in light of Jax Anderson’s coming out.

Flint Eastwood has followed a trend that has emerged in recent years of women taking the lead in indie bands. Many acts at the M-Shop and Great Hall recently have been headed by women, including Bad Bad Hats and Wet. Jax Anderson puts a great deal of effort into making Flint Eastwood focused on empowering women.

“The business side of Flint Eastwood is very female-centric and that was something I wanted to make essential when assembling my team,” Jax Anderson said in a Her Campus WVU interview.

The goal of Flint Eastwood, Jax Anderson said, is to ultimately empower people and make them feel confident in themselves, which she tries to demonstrate with her powerful stage presence. The band’s live shows have garnered a reputation for being high energy and engaging.

Flint Eastwood toured recently with another female-driven group, PVRIS. The singer chalks up a lot of praise for other female artists such as M.I.A and Janelle Monae whom she says are “straight bosses.”

Unique to the show at the M-Shop, Flint Eastwood enlisted the help of OPNR, a musician resumé and booking service to find a local artist to open for the Friday show.

Ads for the position have been scattered over social media with the question “Do you want to open for Flint Eastwood?” along with a caption explaining how to enter for the chance to open for the group.

“This is the first time a band has done this, at least during my time here,” said Matt Schroeder, M-Shop co-director.

The ad had success in finding an opener, a hip-hop artist called Prodagy. The artist will play a normal opening-length set.

Flint Eastwood will perform at 8 p.m. Friday at the M-Shop. Doors will open at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $14 for the public and $10 with an ISU ID. Tickets for the event are available at, at the door the day of the event, or by calling the M-Shop.