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Student Government Transitions: VP, Vice Speaker and Committee Members Sworn In

Jacob Rice
Student Government meeting, Memorial Union, Mar. 22, 2023.

State of the Student Body

Student Government President Jennifer Holliday, a senior in agricultural studies, gave an address to the student body regarding her new role following the resignation of Emily Roberts.

“In accordance with the procedures outlined in the Student Government constitution, the person in the role of vice president is to step up to the position of president if that position becomes vacant,” Holliday said. “Therefore, since the 14th of August, I have officially been sworn in and serving as our president of the student body.”

Holliday said the transition process was stressful and scary, adding that although it may not seem like it to many, the roles of president and vice president within Student Government are very different.

“Students of Iowa State, I am standing up here tonight representing you,” Holliday said. “Everything that I do in this position is to better serve you.”

Holliday said as president, she will strive to provide the knowledge necessary when crises occur, adding that she will serve as a resource for all students.

“All I ask of you throughout this journey is that you trust me and you never hesitate to reach out to me if you have questions, concerns or even ideas that students of Student Government should be doing along the way,” Holliday said.

Vice President and Vice Speaker confirmations

The Senate confirmed Quinn Margrett, formerly the speaker of the senate and a current sophomore in business economics, as vice president of Student Government.

Following Roberts’ resignation, Holliday nominated Margrett as her new vice president since her transition left the role vacant.

“I just want to say that I spent multiple weeks making this decision to nominate Quinn tonight,” Holliday said. “This nomination is one that will not only directly impact myself, but all members of the Senate, Student Government, students on campus, faculty and administration even here at Iowa State.”

Holliday said Margrett is fit for the role due to his passion and love for Ames and the Iowa State community.

“Ever since I joined Student Government, my personal goal has always been to put myself in whatever position allows me to have the most positive impact on both our organization and on our shared campus,” Margrett said.

Margrett said he believes that the most important thing members of Student Government can do with their terms is revitalize the spirit of volunteering for Student Government. He said despite all of the iterations of Student Government that there have been at Iowa State, their mission has remained the same– to channel the voices of students.

“Back in 1904, our Student Government was an assembly of 11 unelected seniors, who would hand pick their successors from the next senior class,” Margrett said. “Since then, we’ve held nominating conventions, we’ve given seats to captains of Iowa State’s major sports teams– we’ve even worked class presidents into our structure– but today, we instead rely on the willingness of students who voluntarily choose to represent themselves and their peers.”

Margrett said members of Student Government need to better broadcast their purpose to students so that they might join the organization and assist them in their mission.

“Especially after a summer of hardships, we need to cultivate the image of an organization that students would want to volunteer for,” Margrett said. “We each need to project to our peers that we’re still here working for them and doing important work regardless of our setbacks.”

Due to Margrett’s confirmation, he had to step down as speaker of the Senate, moving Vice Speaker of the Senate Obi Agba, a senior in political science and liberal arts and sciences senator, to the position of speaker of the Senate, with senators confirming College of Human Sciences Senator Brandon Kamstra, a senior in kinesiology and health, as the new vice speaker.

“The reason I decided to run for vice speaker tonight is a desire to see this organization continue,” Kamstra said. “My main goal as vice speaker would be assisting the cabinet, speaker and vice president and president in recruitment, but also organization of this organization.”

Kamstra said helping to organize Student Government is going to be his main goal as vice speaker, adding that he would like to help members of Student Government succeed not only on the legislative floor, but also as students.

Margrett was also confirmed by the Senate to the special fees and tuition committee following a nomination from Holliday. Holliday added that it has been tradition in Student Government for presidents to nominate their vice president to the committee– a position previously held by Holliday while she was vice president.

Finance Committee

The Senate unanimously confirmed College of Business Senator Jian Janes, a senior in management information systems, to the finance committee.

According to Senate documents, Finance Director Martin Hursh, a sophomore in economics, “ has determined that [Janes] will be an excellent addition to the committee.”

“Additionally for my personal experience, I have been a treasurer for most of the clubs I have been in, so at least from an outsider perspective of it, I am familiar with how the finances of student organizations work,” Janes said.

The Senate also unanimously confirmed Aidan McClellan, a junior in finance, Joe Parker, a freshman in business economics and Mathias Bosch, a freshman in finance, to the finance committee.

Hursh voiced his support for the aforementioned nominees addition to the committee.

“I’m very excited about these nominees,” Hursh said. “Aiden McClellan, he was on the finance committee last year; he was a very important member […] as far as the two freshman, Joey and Mathias, I had a great meeting with both of them, they seem interested in Student Government, they have previous experience with finance and I know they’re going to do a great job on the committee this year if Senate were to approve them.”

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