The Fashion Show launches re-brand


Sarah Henry/Iowa State Daily

Six models stand at the top of the runway during the Iowa State Fashion Show on April 14. at Cy Stephens Auditorium.

Olivia Hanson

After over 30 years of having the same logo, the Fashion Show at Iowa State is getting a new design.

This year’s producers, Grace Rosson, Sydney Lawrence, Emma Kachelmeyer and Hannah Harnack, along with the Fashion Show’s two-year running creative director, Ellen Titman, decided to revamp the logo into a new one that will be more timeless than the previous logo which had a more “whimsical” feel.

“The Fashion Show [TFS] is such an iconic organization,” Titman said. “Not only on Iowa State’s campus but across the nation, and I wanted it to be recognizable for what TFS stands for.”

To showcase the new logo, the Fashion Show will be having both a physical and social media launch. The physical launch will be from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Friday at Parks Library. The exterior windows of parks library will be covered with renderings of the Fashion Show’s new logo, all made my Titman.

The rebrand launch was created by both Maddie Darvenue, PR Director of the Fashion Show, along with Titman, assigned by this year’s producers.

The now modern logo’s goal is to be able to transition from year to year to fit in with each new theme the Fashion Show chooses.

“One thing that I think really makes the new logo work really nicely with the show is the interchangeability within the mark,” Titman said. “The geometric forms are able to change imagery out based on each year’s theme. So the new logo is able to compliment a new theme each year, while still maintaining the brand aesthetics and cohesiveness.”

The producers of the Fashion Show are excited to refresh their brand and bring it into the 21st century. They want to be able to redefine to their audience who they are as well as expand their audience beyond Ames.

“I think brand refreshes are an amazing opportunity to really define who your brand is and show what your core values are to the world in a way that your previous brand may not have reflected,” Darvenue said. “So I know we’re really excited. I think this new logo really reflects that and will really be definitely a timeless piece to help between the years.”

During the brand relaunch Friday the Fashion Show will be selling their old T-shirts as well as stickers.