Mom Jeans to introduce The M-Shop to “party emo”


Courtesy of SUB

Mom jeans w. just friends-Shortly.png


Mom Jeans is bringing their bittersweet brand of emo rock to The M-Shop Friday, Sept. 14. Despite hailing from Berkeley, California the band is described as Midwest emo, a sound that is sure to capture the hearts of many Iowa State music lovers.

The Midwest emo community is tightly knit and Mom Jeans is expected to have a very strong showing at The M-Shop. The show will be energetic and lively as Midwest audience members come to release their emotions in pure Midwest emo, a genre that started with them.

Midwest emo blends post-hardcore, indie-rock, and everything in between to produce a melodramatic cocktail known for its twinkly guitars and honest confessional lyrics through strained vocals.

But what makes Mom Jeans stands out from the scene is their unmatched personality and bond.

From drinking games, vaping, binge-watching “The Office,” relationship struggles, future uncertainty and the monotony of life, college-driven themes and references pack the Mom Jeans catalog.

The band frequently features pictures of the bandmates together happy and smiling on their cover art showing that despite the emotional themes of the albums themselves, they’re four friends having fun.

The band has a self-aware and playful energy embedded in their emo style that’s refreshing in a sometimes self-indulgent genre. Some would even call their take on the genre “party emo.”

The band inserts their self-deprecating and unique sense of humor in their song titles. Examples include “near death fail comp (must watch til end),” “Vape Nation,” and “Scott Pilgrim V. My Gpa.” The band even released an EP in 2017 called “NOW That’s What I Call Music Vol. 420.”

Among a plethora of EPs, Mom Jeans released their latest album “Puppy Love” in July of this year, two years after their first full-length album “Best Buds.”

Mom Jeans will be supported by intriguing emo-jazz fusion outfit Just Friends and solo-artist Shortly.

Tickets are $10 for ISU students and $15 for the public and can be purchased at the M-Shop box office or online via