ISU Creamery names new flavor after student employee


Courtesy of Iowa State University Creamery

Lucy Slizewski, a senior in culinary food science, spent more than a year crafting a vegan frozen dessert for the ISU Creamery.

Haley Thams

Lucy Slizewski is the creator of the new vegan frozen dessert at the ISU Creamery. The vegan dessert, Slizewski Swirl, will be released Monday. 

The Slizewski Swirl is dark chocolate with cherry swirls. The product will be available in pre-packaged eight-ounce cups and 32-ounce quarts. 

The dessert has been in the works for about a year and a half and was formulated by Slizewski. 

Slizewski is the first student to have a product named after her at the ISU Creamery.

“I just feel very honored,” Slizewski said. “I feel like I’ve done a lot at Iowa State, and I’m just leaving my legacy behind with my last name.”

Slizewski attributes her success to the help and support she has received from staff, students, friends and her family. 

“My dad is particularly excited for the Slizewski last name, and my mom is super proud too,” Slizewski said. 

Slizewski said her boss, Sarah, has also been supportive throughout the process.

“Although she wasn’t in there making the dessert with me every day, she was always there to try and give me her reviews and suggestions,” Slizewski said.

Coming into college, Slizewski said she had no idea what career she wanted to pursue. After discovering culinary food science, Slizewski found her passion.

When she decided to work at the ISU Creamery, Slizewski was only interested in the ice cream.

“Why wouldn’t I want to just make ice cream everyday?” Slizewski said. “Why not just do something I love and get all the samples too, because I’m a little greedy with ice cream. And I really just fell in love with the work environment there.”

Slizewski planned on making a vegan frozen dessert when she started working at the ISU Creamery but the project didn’t start until spring 2021. 

The ISU Creamery is a primarily student-run microcreamery. The Slizewski Swirl is a prime example of the learning opportunities for students.

Slizewski said Stephanie Clark, the director of the ISU Creamery, had the idea to name the dessert after her. 

“They thought I wasn’t gonna do it,” Slizewski said. “They’re like, ‘well, she’s too humble,’ but…they said it [Slizewski Swirl] to me and I loved it.” 

After her graduation in May with a degree in culinary food science, Slizewski is hoping to work for another ice cream company.

The ISU Creamery is located in Room 2953 of the Food Sciences building and is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from noon to 4:30 p.m.