Annual Spring Enchantment display returns to Reiman Gardens


Courtesy of Reiman Gardens

Reiman Gardens’ annual Spring Enchantment exhibit will return April 1. 

Mackenzie Bodell

Reiman Gardens will celebrate the arrival of spring with their Spring Enchantment display during the month of April. 

Spring Enchantment is a month-long exhibit at Reiman Gardens that showcases the beauty of spring. 

“It’s a time to take a break from the chaos that usually accompanies this time of year and let the new growth of spring enchant you,” said director of guest services Renee Rule.

Reiman Gardens staff plants thousands of tulips, hyacinths and other bulbs each year during the month of April. In the fall, horticulture staff and volunteers spend a full week planting the bulbs back to prepare for this spring exhibition. 

“I think what makes it special is how brief this event is,” Rule said. “The tulips and other spring bulbs are only blooming and in their prime for about two weeks.”

Due to the short-lived bloom, Rule believes that it forces people to take a break and enjoy the exhibit while they can. 

A brand new addition to this year’s exhibit is the dozens of whimsical fairy doors hidden in the gardens for guests to discover. 

“​​This has been a great opportunity to engage our volunteers in a new and creative way,” said manager of volunteer engagement Taylor Woodcock. “They have really enjoyed crafting their fairy doors and look forward to searching for them around the gardens throughout the month.”

Woodcock says it took volunteers over 220 hours over the course of two months to complete the fairy doors. Volunteers worked both at home and onsite to complete this project. 

The gardens’ staff encouraged guests to partake in a scavenger hunt throughout all 17 acres of the gardens to discover all of the fairy doors. 

As usual, Iowa State students receive free admission to Reiman Gardens. 

“Come take a break from classes or studying for finals and enjoy the beauty, or if you can’t take a break, bring your schoolwork with you,” Rule said. 

According to the staff, Spring Enchantment’s beauty makes for great photo opportunities. The exhibit includes over 30,000 tulips in red and gold to pose with for graduating students.

While Spring Enchantment takes place during the entire month of April, there will be six nights of extended visitation while the tulips are in their prime. The Gardens will be open until 8 p.m. from April 21 to 23 and April 28 to 30. 

The gift shop and conservatory will also stay open until 7:30 p.m. on the extended visitation evenings. 

Aside from the extended visitation dates, Reiman Gardens will operate under their normal hours, 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. General admission pricing is $11. Admission for seniors age 65 and older is $10, and admission for youth ages 2 to 12 is $6. 

No pre-registration is required to attend Spring Enchantment. For more information about Spring Enchantment, visit the Reiman Gardens website.