StuGov to address Senate vacancy, annual allocations


The Student Government Senate voting during a weekly meeting at the Memorial Union on Wednesday. 

Nicole Clark

Student Government is set to meet, examine and vote on annual allocations Wednesday evening.

The Senate will hear from the finance director, who will explain portions of any bills that those present may have questions about.

Student government will introduce a new bill at this week’s meeting that would fund a giveaway of 50 copies of Adam Carroll’s book “Mastery of Money” at his event April 20.

The Senate will introduce a new bill called Seating Senators Representing the Residency Area of Frederiksen Court. A current spot is vacant in the Senate for which the person elected would represent Frederiksen court.

The Frederiksen Court Community Council has nominated Andrew Brueck, a junior majoring in political science, to fill the vacancy.

The Senate is looking to ratify a contract with Student Engagement in hopes of moving Student Engagement from the annual allocations process to a contract. This would enable Student Engagement to plan further into the future, and the funding would be secured a year in advance.

The Senate was able to introduce a new act called the GENRE Debt contract which says the student organization GENRE has incurred debt to Student Government and that the repaid principal of $775.59 is to be placed in the student organization debt reserve account.

A bill will be introduced that will affect the amount the Senate budgets, avoiding past over-calculations to their income. This error in calculation has annually drained the student activity fee reserve account. The bill will balance the interests and will decrease the amounts over the coming years. Therefore the student government will allow up to $300,000 towards the next Fiscal Year Bill.

The Senate will also introduce Ratifying the Fiscal Year 2023 ASSET Contracts at the meeting. This act follows the Analysis of Social Services Evaluation Team (ASSET), completing its recommendations for funding for the Fiscal Year 2023. If enacted, the Student Government will ratify the Fiscal Year 2023 contract between the Student Government and Assault Care Center Extending Shelter and Support (ACCESS) and all other partners.

Another bill will be introduced that will approve the Story County Analysis of Social Services Evaluation Team’s funding for the Fiscal Year 2023. The last thing that will be introduced is a bill that would allow the Public Relations Committee to explore and adopt new methods of outreach that extend beyond the current outreach.

They would also host a general town hall March 30 if passed.

The Senate will meet at 6 p.m. in the Campanile room at the Memorial Union.