Dizzy Duck

Ryan Pattee

Around and around they go, Greek Students at Iowa State brave the hilarious Dizzy Duck competition resulting in head spinning Nausea and face fulls of sand.

As part of the Greek Week competitions, Dizzy Duck stands out as being a very entertaining and unique challenge for Iowa State Fraternity and Sorority members. The goal of the competition is to run across a sand filled area with two pitchers, spin around with your head on a bat, fill up your pitchers and brave it back over to the other side to fill up your teams bucket with the water. Speed is key in a race like Dizzy Duck, which results in comical slips and falls throughout the entire event. Luckily for those unable to keep their balance, the sand prevents any serious damage from taking place, but that doesn’t stop the water from your pitcher to fly all over the place, or going head first towards the ground. The first team to fill their bucket wins and advances in the bracket. The event had a large turn out with swarms of onlookers and participants surrounding the small sand pit behind Pi Kappa Alpha. Some onlookers even watched from the balconies of their apartments cheering on their friends, houses, or against however they didn’t want to win.

All in all Dizzy Duck was surprising success with a large turnout and plenty of cheers and laughs for all who watched.