In this together: Boyfriend


in this together


Editor’s note: This piece is a part of ‘In This Together,’ which seeks to raise awareness about the complex issues of sexual violence. We asked the Iowa State community to share perspectives in various mediums as survivors, bystanders and allies. The initiative is a partnership between the Iowa State Daily, Green Dot and the Margaret Sloss Women’s Center. 


I thought I knew him but I guess I didn’t, I thought I could trust him but now I know better. Just because someone claims to love you doesn’t mean they truly do. To him “boyfriend” just meant being able to get what you want when you wanted it. 

Who cares if she doesn’t want it, this is supposed to be for me right?

Who cares if she says no?

I will just hit her, bother her, be mad at her until she stops fighting and let me get what’s mine.

If she should just let me get what I want we wouldn’t have this problem.