Unconventional Ways People Show Affection


Megan Mojeiko/Iowa State Daily

Mass campaniling has been a homecoming tradition at Iowa State for many years. Students gather around the Campanile Friday at midnight to kiss their lover. 

Savanna Pardekooper

Most of the time when an individual is in a romantic relationship and is showing affection to their partner, it’s common to say “I love you” or show affection through physical touch. However, there are many unconventional ways that couples communicate how they feel for one another.

“In the past, my significant other would leave sticky notes around the apartment and mirror reminding how beautiful I am or that he couldn’t wait to see me,” said Jenna Fuhlman, a senior in apparel, merchandising and design. “I always really appreciated that he took the time to remind me of those things and it was always a fun surprise to find them sporadically around the house.”

“Unconventional ways of showing affection for me are just reminding your partner you appreciate the little things they do,” said Michaela Corkery, senior in hospitality management. “If it’s making coffee in the morning or hanging your towel up after a shower, the things we take for granted are the things we should thank your significant others for most.”

“I haven’t had much experience in the relationship aspect, but what I do know is when I am with someone that I care about, I tend to do things that I don’t enjoy, but I know they enjoy doing them, and it makes them happy, and so whenever they’re happy, I’m happy,” said Tyler Timp, senior in finance. “Another example of unconventional affection for me, personally, is that I think cooking for someone shows how much you care for someone. This is definitely something I would do to show unconventional affection.”

“Sometimes when it’s early in the morning and the dog needs to go out or late at night, I take her for a walk. I know my boyfriend has long days, so I take care of her instead,” said Bailey Holtz, senior in liberal studies.

“Something as simple as buying medicine for a significant other when they’re sick because they may not have time to or have the right judgment on what sort of medicine to buy is one way of showing that you are thinking about them and their well-being,” said Mikiel Curtis, senior in public relations.

“I like to give back to my friends for the little things that they do, like I will bring them their favorite meal if I know they’ve had a rough day,” said Amanda Johnson, junior in interior design.