Orientation column: Get the MyState app

Isaac Sinclair

If you’re an Iowa State student, get out your phone and download the MyState app if you don’t have it already.

This is the most important and helpful app for Iowa State students, especially new students. The MyState app will help you do nearly everything on campus.

For starters, it has a map function where you can search for buildings and locations on campus. Iowa State has a big campus and having this map on your phone will help you navigate and become comfortable with the layout of the campus.  

The MyState app also has a class section that will show you your class schedule. You can see when the class is, what building and room number that class is held in and who your professor is.

The class section will also provide you with a GPA calculator, something that will come in handy later in the semester when you’re trying to figure out how your GPA is going to look. Along with the GPA calculator, there is a testing center section that shows you which testing centers are open. There is even a live camera view for each center so you can see how long the line is.

There is a dining section that shows you the menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner for each dining hall. It will also show you the times each dining hall is open and show you how far away you are from each one.

But one of the most important functions of the MyState app is the CyRide section. This is where you can see what buses are running, when the next bus will arrive, and the route of every bus on campus. This will help you catch the bus every time and spend less time waiting for the bus.

There are other helpful sections in the MyState app, such as laundry, events and information about career fairs, that you can explore and use.

Every Iowa State student needs to get the MyState app. This app will make your life easier, and for incoming freshmen, it will make the transition from home to college easier.