Marielle Kraft and Skout performed at M-Shop Feb 24

Marielle Kraft and Skout took to the stage to preview some new music Feb 24.

Omar Waheed

Powerful songs and an intimate show on a snowy day, Marielle Kraft and Skout performed a mix of their hits and some unreleased songs Feb. 24 at Iowa State’s M-Shop.


The double headlined show saw both Marielle Kraft and Skout go into their most popular songs while actively engaging with the crowd to give some background into the emotional songs both artists put out. Trying to keep it light and involved as possible, Marielle Kraft played with the crowd to get them to sing along regardless of familiarity with her work.

First to take the stage was Skout, a duo made up of Laura Valk and Connor Gladney. Skout liked to keep it lighthearted while going into very emotionally driven songs. Providing background on them and their songs, Skout likes to make a joke about their name to warm crowds up.


“We’re Skout with a ‘k’ because there’s too much competition with the Girl Scouts,” Glandey said.


Throughout the concert, the two kept the energy going. Performing their hit song “Hi Banks” and a cover of Britney Spears “Baby One More Time,” Skout wanted to give Iowa State a concert to remember their first experience in Iowa.


Second to take the stage, Marielle Kraft brought herself up to continue the energy Skout provided.


With her song “We were never friends,” Kraft eggs the crowd on to join in through the chorus by shouting out “friends!” at the end of the hook.

Kraft also gave a story about the song. Speaking on a breakup with a man she met at a Dick’s Sporting Goods and his request to be friends after they separated, Kraft explained the ridiculousness of the question through making and dedicating an entire song to the experience in addition to bracelets she was selling at her merch table.

Coming back together halfway through Kraft’s set, Skout joined to perform an unreleased song featuring both Kraft and Skout. Seeing both on stage giving their all, the crowd enjoyed the two giving them a special look at what’s to come from the two.


Past the music, both artists are also actively involved in other ventures.


Formerly a sixth grade English teacher in DC before making a large dive into music, Kraft still finds herself tutoring on the side. With the flexibility of current set ups for courses in schools across the U.S., Kraft can comfortably tour and still provide tutoring to her students.


“I started playing some local shows in DC opening for other artists and got to play some of my own songs for the first time in front of people who were listening for the first time, and I was like ‘this feeling is amazing,’’’ Kraft said. “Then sort of doing it more, I realized that I couldn’t do both fully [music and teaching] and with a degree in teaching, you can always go back to it.”


Gladney from Skout was initially set on going into the military. Having that fall through, he found himself in New York playing with Valk where they formed the group Skout.


Valk in addition to music works as a producer on Full Frontal with Samantha Bee most weeks out of the year. With the open flexibility to tour and focus on her work with Skout in the off weeks in her position as a senior producer, Valk can give her undivided attention to creating new music and touring.


With the tour wrapping up in a few weeks, Marielle Kraft and Skout have solid plans for the future. Being friends and both based out of Nashville, the two plan on recording music together and separately to capitalize on the success in their music careers and tour.