Iowa State to host the Egg Industry Issues Forum

Photo of attendees socializing during a previous Egg Issues Forum.

Courtesy of Lesa Vold

Photo of attendees socializing during a previous Egg Issues Forum.

Cade Cameron

Every year the Egg Industry holds an Issues Forum in April, however, the dates have changed.

The Egg Industry Issues Forum decided to move its dates to Nov. 8-9, 2022. This forum is an annual event that helps provide science and other information to egg farmers, along with their networks. It is also a great source for students and egg industry attendees to gain knowledge on current industry events.

“Our focus is to provide value to the North American egg industry through collaborative research efforts, information dissemination, and building connections that infuse science and data into decision-making,” said Lesa Vold, Egg Industry Center Program Manager & Communications Specialist.

The new date allows the attendees from across the nation to add another event to the itinerary of their stay in Ames.

“It actually benefited them as it allowed for people to have access to attend the Iowa Egg Symposium, [on] Nov. 10, hosted by the Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine,” said Vold. “This will create a unique opportunity for attendees of both events to greatly enhance their knowledge with just one trip to Ames.”

At the forum, there will be different presentations and panel discussions over challenges in the egg industry. From this, participants can get involved in workshops or even tour facilities.

“The tours to industry-related locations allow attendees to learn in a hands-on manner about different aspects of the industry that they might not normally be exposed to. Past tour locations include Chore-Time, Hy-Line, and Fair Oaks Farms(all located in Indiana). This year’s tour location will be the Iowa State University Robert T. Hamilton Poultry Teaching and Research Farm,” said Vold. 

In addition to the change of dates, Flock to your Future is back and will be held on the evening of Nov. 9, in conjunction with the Egg Industry Issues Forum. This is open to all majors and allows students to gain more information about the poultry industry that they may not know exist. It also gives industry leaders the opportunity to make connections with students outside the poultry industry.