College of Human Sciences announces new nursing program


Ring of Life Fountain, formerly known as the Marriage Ring, lies in front of MacKay Hall. Taken from the south.

Kendra Bries

The College of Human Sciences is now accepting enrollments into their new nursing program. The program is designed for nurses who would like to further their education about nursing and explore diverse ways to help their patients.

“The uniqueness about our program is our ability to integrate courses in human nutrition and disease prevention into the nursing curriculum,” said Ruth MacDonald, interim senior associate dean of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. “Understanding the important role of food and nutrition in health will give our graduates advantages in patient care that will translate into improved health outcomes.”

Classes for this new program will begin next fall with an expected enrollment of between 30 and 40 students. The program will help nurses expand their knowledge of everyday situations as well as different options available in today’s healthcare environment.

This program is being announced after approval from the Higher Learning Commission on Feb. 20.

“Approval from both the Higher Learning Commission and the Iowa Board of Nursing assure that standards are met and resources are in place to provide a quality program,” said Virginia “Ginny” Wangerin, clinical assistant professor and director of nursing. “We are confident this new nursing program meets Iowa State University’s high expectations of excellence.”

Applicants are required to have their associates in nursing, licensure and meet Iowa State’s admission criteria. The program consists of 22 credits in nursing courses, six credits in food science and human nutrition courses and six credits from an approved courses list. Students enrolled in the program are also able to take elective courses in other subjects that interest them.

As they prepare for the new program, the department of food science and human nutrition is looking for a clinical assistant professor to help Wangerin teach the various courses.

“We are excited to be able to add this new major to our department and see great opportunities to partner with the wide number of RN programs and clinical partners in our community. In addition, we are looking forward to the skills these students will bring to campus and see many ways that they will have an impact on Iowa State,” MacDonald said.