Editorial: Utilize your time well this spring break


Ian Steenhoek / Iowa State Daily

Two students sharing a hammock watch as other students also hammock.

Editorial Board

Nine days. No labs, exams or simply walking to class in freezing temperatures for the next nine days. It is fair to say we are all more than ready for spring break. The Editorial Board would like to offer some advice to students regardless of where they spend their break.

Traveling somewhere warm and with a beach is a collegiate spring break standard. Every year, pictures circulate of college-aged students from around the nation who inundate our southern coast. Along with the people comes alcohol, partying and cringe inducing acts of stupidity.

Interestingly enough, one can party with friends and consume alcohol while still being a good person. All it takes is some common sense and basic decency.

Respect the local communities you visit. Ask the local people for nearby and lesser known attractions and places to eat. Being kind and courteous increases your chances of getting an actual recommendation and not just the standard tourist response. If you are out in nature — whether skiing down a mountain or lounging on a beach — practice leave no trace principles. This means packing out all of the trash you brought to the site and not disturbing the native flora and fauna.

For those staying in Ames, remember to take a break from binge watching your favorite shows to explore more of Ames and Des Moines. Take a chance and go to a restaurant, café, bar or business you wouldn’t usually go to. Additionally, there are multiple shows, sporting and live music events happening around the area.

Spring break can also be a great time to start or finish personal projects or focus on a hobby that you don’t make time for when classes are in session. Commit to finishing a book for pleasure, not class or TopHat questions. Organize and clean your room or apartment. Simply use this time to relax and prepare for the end of the semester.

Graduating seniors, soak in this spring break. It may be a while before we are given license to check out of our responsibilities for nine whole days.