Mad Scrib

Spring break is a(n) _Adjective_ rite of passage for all college students! It had been a long _Adjective_ week and everyone was looking forward to spring break. In three days, _Proper Noun_ would be heading to _City_ with _Proper Noun_ and they were all looking forward to _Noun_. _Proper Noun_ was excited to _Adverb_ _Verb_. They had a _Adjective_ room overlooking the _Noun_. Some of the things that were on their to-do list were _Verb (Ending in ING)_, _Verb (Ending in ING)_, and _Verb (Ending in ING)_. At the end of their first day, while out _Verb (Ending in ING)_ they saw _Proper Noun_ and couldn’t believe their _Noun (Plural)_. This would definitely be a trip to _Verb_!