Timeline of white nationalist posters found on campus

Isd Staff

Oct. 27, 2016- Approximately 20 posters depicting messages of white nationalism are found in various locations on campus. The posters were removed due to violations of both the university’s facilities and grounds use policy and harassment and discrimination policy. 

Nov. 15, 2016- Additional posters with messages of white nationalism were found in various locations on campus. 

Jan. 27, 2017- Cards with broken swastikas and more messages of white nationalism are found in Parks Library by students. 

Sep. 4, 2017- Stickers with links to alt-right websites were found on a campaign sign belonging to school board candidate and assistant professor of sociology Monic Behnken. 

Sep. 5, 2017- White nationalist posters found in signs outside of Birch Hall in Richardson Court. The posters also included a link to “A Right to Exist,” a website encouraging white nationalism at Iowa State. Police investigated the incident as an act of criminal mischief, as the posters were placed in an unapproved area. 

Sep. 11, 2017- More white nationalist posters are found on street signs, fire hydrants and parking signs in west Ames.

Sep. 18, 2017- Five white nationalist posters are found outside Sukup Hall, Howe Hall, Morrill Hall, Jischke Hall and on an emergency phone booth outside the Hub. Ames Police Department found an additional poster on a parking complex on the 200 block of Hyland Ave. 

Jan. 26, 2018- Posters with the hashtag “#MyBordersMyChoice” are found by students in Maple Hall. The hashtag found on the poster is one that has been associated with white nationalism. 

Feb. 16, 2018- A fake Iowa State Daily front page was found on campus Friday evening. Dubbed “The Iowa State Nightly,” the poster does not claim a specific ideology, but calls out certain groups on campus like the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the department of sociology. 

Note: The incidents listed in this timeline are the ones reported by the Daily, and may not include the total number of findings of white nationalist posters.