NOTEBOOK: Donovan Jackson, Weiler-Babb’s injury, more Iowa State injuries

Steve Prohm celebrates as time expires during Iowa State’s 70-52 win over No. 8 Texas Tech. 

Brian Mozey

After a road loss to Kansas State on Saturday, coach Steve Prohm spoke at Monday’s press conference about the upcoming game against TCU at Hilton Coliseum on Wednesday night.

Here are some of the topics from today’s press conference.

Donovan Jackson

Senior guard Donovan Jackson is in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, today after his father passed away on Saturday night.

Prohm said he found out the news at his home after the game on Saturday from a phone call by Cameron Lard. Once that moment happened, Prohm said he completely forgot about the game and wanted to make sure Jackson had support from the team during this tough time.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with Donovan… and all their family up there. That’s the most important,” Prohm said. “Right now, more than anything, basketball stuff will take care of itself.”

Prohm said his gut tells him that Jackson will be back on Wednesday for the game after the communication the two have had over the past couple of days. If he doesn’t come back though, Prohm understands the decision and wants him to focus on his family.

Jackson scored 13 points and had five assists in the Kansas State loss. He’s averaging 15 points per game and is shooting 40.9 percent from the 3-point line as he’s converted a team-high 83 3-pointers this season.

Nick Weiler-Babb being evaluated

Redshirt junior guard Nick Weiler-Babb has been dealing with tendinitis in his knee all season and that resulted in him being out for four games. He came back to the court for the Kansas game on Feb. 13 and has played in both games since his return.

This weekend, after the Kansas State game, Weiler-Babb went to Dallas, Texas, to get evaluations on his knee and see what the next steps are for his recovery from tendinitis. This trip was not a surprise to Prohm or any of the coaching staff as this was planned 10-14 days ago between Weiler-Babb’s father and the Iowa State coaching staff, according to Prohm.

Prohm said he doesn’t have results on what the doctors said in Dallas as the appointment in scheduled for this afternoon.

The biggest question that came up in the press conference was the idea of possibly shutting down Weiler-Babb for the season, so the knee doesn’t cause any more pain or problems for the redshirt junior guard.

“It’s up to Nick,” Prohm said. “If Nick wants to shut it down when he gets back then we’ll do that, but it’s up to him.”

More injuries

It’s the end of the regular season and Prohm expects to see players dinged up during practices and games. The only problem is that these injuries are carrying over into games resulting in hurt players all the time.

Some names that were brought up last week were Cameron Lard, Solomon Young and Hans Brase. Two of those three players are still injured but could potentially see some playing time on Wednesday night.

Brase has been dealing with a knee injury that came from his two ACL tears while at Princeton and he’s been out since playing six minutes at Baylor on Feb. 3.

Prohm said Brase will practice today and expects to see him dress on Wednesday and should play for some time against TCU. That’s the hope unless there are any setbacks throughout the next couple of days before tip-off at 7 p.m.

Lard was dealing with a shoulder injury, but Prohm said he’s good to go and hopes he can be one of the leaders to end the regular season in the right way.

Last week, Prohm said Young was dealing with some cartilage issues in his knee, which has affected his play on the court. Young said it’s been difficult cutting from side to side because it causes a lot of pain for him.

“[Young] probably needs to make a decision too,” Prohm said on the possibility of shutting down Young for the season. “Because I think he’s in a lot of pain.”

If Young, Weiler-Babb, Brase and Jackson can’t play on Wednesday night, Prohm will only have six players on Wednesday night’s game. Prohm thinks it’ll be more between the 7-10 range because he believes Jackson will return and Brase will be able to play some minutes against TCU.