Reiman Gardens launches “From Soil to Sky,” a gardening series for beginners


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Reiman Gardens launched a new program for beginner gardeners this month.

Mackenzie Bodell

Reiman Gardens is starting a new program for beginner gardeners. Soil to Sky is a 12 session program that will take place in February and continue through September. 

Reiman Gardens has offered gardening classes in the past with varied success. 

“We’re in a weird pocket,” said Sara Merritt, the Reiman Gardens Director of Education. “The very beginner gardener is maybe a little bit intimidated to take classes at Reiman Gardens. So we get a lot of folks that already know how to garden and they don’t need that class. We’re trying to reach a new audience. We’re trying to reach beginner gardeners, people who have never gotten to before or just started.” 

Reiman Gardens applied for the Stanley Smith Horticulture Trust grant and was awarded $10,000 to put towards local horticulture education. 

“This [grant] is in the educational category that’s intended to get folks to explore ornamental horticulture in the local area,” Merritt said. 

The grant will cover the tools and materials for individuals enrolled in the Soil to Sky series. 

Reiman Gardens is pulling in resources from a variety of people. Every member of the horticulture team will teach at least one class, if not two. One of the entomologists on staff will also teach a class. 

Classes will take place from 9:30 a.m. to noon on various Saturdays from February through September. 

“The goal is to offer this program every year, but the price is going to have to change,” Merritt said. “Unless we get another grant or somebody comes in with a donation or a business to sponsor this program, we’ll have to raise the price.”

Any business or organization interested in sponsoring a future Soil to Sky series should reach out to Merritt at [email protected]

The series is currently at capacity, but individual classes may still have openings. Spots are filling up quickly. Anyone interested in signing up for an individual class can find more information here. Individual classes range in price from $15 to $20. 

Anyone interested in being on an email list for future Soil to Sky series can reach out to Merritt at [email protected]

Reiman Gardens has other horticulture education opportunities, including a monthly floral design series program. 

This program gives lessons on how to create different types of floral arrangements. 

“What we’ve noticed about this program is it’s not just that you come and you learn how to arrange flowers and then you get something that you take with you,” Merritt said. “People really get a lot of stress relief out of this program.” 

Another program put on by Reiman Gardens is their Nature at Noon series. The theme for 2022 is “home.” On the second Thursday of every month, there is a lecture presentation regarding how the current theme ties in with Reiman Garden’s mission. 

These lecture presentations are free with admission to the gardens.