Meet the candidates: StuGov bids for presidency, vice presidency


Julian Neely and Juan Bibiloni (left) and Benjamin Whittington and Jocelyn Simms (right) are running for president and vice president of the Student Government.

Alex Connor

Two Student Government executive slates announced their bid to run for president and vice president of the student body Monday.

Here’s a look inside their platforms:

Julian Neely and Juan Bibiloni

Neely and Bibiloni are looking to #MoveForwardISU, with their campaign aiming to change, innovate and empower Iowa State’s campus and student community.

Neely, a junior in journalism and mass communication, and Bibiloni, a sophomore in mechanical engineering, are both currently involved in Student Government as Neely serves as the director of diversity and inclusion and Bibiloni represents the Inter-Residence Hall Association as a senator.

Other involvements by the two include leading the Student Government diversity and inclusion committee. Neely has previously served as vice president of the Black Student Alliance and is the current chapter president of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity.

Bibiloni also serves as the CyRide Board of Trustees vice president.

According to their platform, in brief, Neely and Bibiloni are aiming to increase student study and social spaces across campus, increase mentorship between freshman and upperclassmen and increase transparency within Student Government through a campus newsletter and continuation of its monthly town hall events.

The two are also hoping to organize walks advocating for diversity and inclusion on campus as well as the importance of higher education and affordable tuition.

“If not all of our platform is built from student voices,” Neely said. “Through our different leadership involvements and our involvements with different organizations and our network on campus, we listened.”

The two are most looking forward to continuing to listen and engage with students on campus throughout the campaign process while keeping their platform “feasible and student focused.”

“Everything that we say to students is things that we can actually accomplish,” Bibiloni said. “And we are confident that we can accomplish everything we have.

“I’m just looking forward to talking to students about those ideas and listening to them and get feedback.”

For more information about Neely and Bibiloni, visit their campaign website at

Ben Whittington and Jocelyn Simms

Whittington and Simms are hoping to “unlock the potential” of Iowa State with their campaign focusing on campus issues including increasing transparency, improving education and increasing inclusivity.

Whittington, a sophomore in political science, and Simms, a junior in English, are both involved in Turning Point USA at Iowa State, with Whittington serving as the current president and Simms as the secretary of the organization.

Additionally, Whittington is a member of Tau Kappa Epsilon and Simms is one of the founding members of Delta Gamma at Iowa State. She also serves as the treasurer and poetry board editor of Sketch Literary Journal.

According to their platform, in brief, Whittington and Simms have five main focal points to their campaign: advocacy, improving education, transparency, involvement and inclusion, and safety and accessibility.

They hope to increase collaboration between the Greek councils and Student Government; bringing back a campus-wide festival; promoting an open resource textbook system and breaking down tuition dollars on AccessPlus.

Whittington and Simms are looking forward to getting to know students during the campaign process and hope to represent their concerns as best they can.

“The journey of hearing people’s concerns and hopefully crafting our platform and campaign to address these concerns even more than we already have is something I am really looking forward to,” Whittington said.

Whittington and Simms also want students to know that while they have not previously served on Student Government, they are just as viable as candidates.

“I think it’s important for everybody to know that even though we don’t have as much experience with Student Government, it doesn’t mean we don’t have leadership experience,” Simms said. “Just because we don’t have Student Government experience does not mean we’re not fit for the positions.”

For more information about Whittington and Simms, visit their campaign website at