Collegiate Panhellenic Council candidate profile: Hannah Peterson


Photo courtesy of Hannah Peterson

Hannah Peterson is a sophomore majoring in public relations. Peterson is in the Chi Omega sorority.

Katherine Kealey

Why did you decide to run for Student Government?

“I have always had a passion for Student Government. I was in Student Government all of high school so this year I joined the public relations committee, and everyone was so encouraging of me to run for a senate seat. I am super excited to be more involved and be the voice of the students.”

Can you speak to your work on the Public Relationships Committee?

“On the committee, I have done a lot of social media posts and created graphics for it while doing some newsletter stuff. I have held positions in other clubs. I am super excited to continue to grow my leadership experience.” 

Peterson is also on the Homecoming Central Committee and is an assistant for new members in her sorority.

Do you have any actionable initiatives you would start if elected?

“I want to be able to represent the CPC community the best that I can. I want to be a better liaison between Student Government and the sorority community because I feel like a lot of people in the sorority community don’t really know what Student Government does. I am even learning about what they do while being on a campaign. I have learned so much, and I want to be able to encourage those girls that there is stuff outside the sorority and there is way to represent the sorority in Student Government.”

How do you plan to engage with constituents?

“I will be attending CPC meetings and inform each representative of each chapter on what is going on in Student Government so they can rely that to their chapters…I want to be able to really inform people on what is going on and what their money is going towards.”

Why is it important that the CPC has a voice within Student Government?

“I think sometimes the CPC has stereotypes and is looked down on. I think there is a lot of good leaders and strong, empowering women in the community that I think need to be represented. A good majority off campus on campus living is in sororities. We have a lot of numbers.”

The Student Government elections will take place on March 1 and 2. Students will receive their ballots via their Iowa State University email.