Are you ready for midterms? Take this quiz to find out.


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Jillian Mckee

How prepared are you for midterms?

Take this quiz to find out!

  1. On average, how often do you procrastinate?

    1. I try my hardest not to.

    2. I mean, no more than the average college student.

    3. If there were a degree in the art of procrastination I would already have it.

  2. What’s your opinion on the material being taught in your classes?

    1. I’m extremely passionate about it!

    2. Eh…I’m just here to get my degree.

    3. My classes are pretty boring this semester.

  3. How many hours of sleep have you been getting lately?

    1. 7-9

    2. 5-6

    3. 4 or fewer

  4. Notes — how often do you actually take them while in class?

    1. Pretty much every time there’s a lecture or discussion.

    2. Only when I feel it’s absolutely necessary.

    3. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t…so almost never.

  5. Do you ever go to office hours and/or study groups?

    1. I go to most study groups and take advantage of office hours if need be.

    2. Occasionally, just depends on my schedule.

    3. Wait…people actually go to office hours?

  6. How organized would you consider yourself?

    1. I may or may not have OCD when it comes to organization

    2. I could use a little work but I’m still organized

    3. Messy and proud!

  7. How many times did you go out last week?

    1. 0-1

    2. 2-4

    3. 4+

  8. What’s your attitude toward homework?

    1. I make sure to always have it completed on time.

    2. I miss a few assignments here and there.

    3. Why? Was there something due today??

  9. How frequently do you study outside of class?

    1. Every spare chance I get

    2. Not a ton but I study when I feel I need to.

    3. …I should probably start studying more.

  10. Be honest: how often do you attend lecture?

    1. I never skip in case I miss something crucial.

    2. Most of the time, but I occasionally take a day off.

    3. I stop going once I learn there are no participation/attendance points.

If you chose mostly 1, you are the student we all aspire to be! You like your major, do your homework and don’t skip class, congrats. Keep being amazing, but don’t forget to take a night off by rewarding yourself. You deserve it!

If you chose mostly 2, keep hanging in there! Although there’s a good chance you have prepared for midterms less than you wanted to, you still put forth your best effort and try your best when it comes to education. Life isn’t about being perfect, but you already knew that. The end is in sight.

If you chose mostly 3, you spent more time doing other things than preparing for your midterm! We all like a good night out, but sometimes school has to take first priority. You may want to consider changing your habits in order to pass your midterms and classes.