Food Science Club holds fudge sale before Valentines

ISU Food Science Valentines Day Fudge options. 

Photo by Cade Cameron

ISU Food Science Valentines Day Fudge options. 

Cade Cameron

The Iowa State’s Food Science Club kicks off Valentine’s Day by hosting a fudge sale offering students, staff and faculty the opportunity to enjoy sweet treats. 

The Valentines Day fudge sale is an annual event that has been taking place for seven years. As the sale is the major fundraising event of the semester, the ISU Food Science Club works together to prepare, package and sell all the fudge.

The Food Science Club has two chairs that serve on the fudge committee including Yureni Carvajal, senior in food science, and Jazmin Lambertson, junior in food science. These two are in charge of making sure the fudge sale runs smoothly and that everything is in place, while each member in the club helps to make the fudge.

“Being involved with making fudge is always fun because we get to taste test while cooking,” said Carvajal. 

Giuliana Esposito, treasurer of the Food Science Club and a freshman majoring in food science, helps manage money earned from the sale. The funds from the fudge sale allow for members to participate in club events free of charge. This is a perfect opportunity for students to experience the food science industry. 

“With the fudge sale being such a huge hit each year, it gives us the opportunity to tour industries within the food science world. Usually, we will take two tours per year, which will be funded by the club and any member is welcome to join,” said Esposito. 

This year’s five flavors include: cookies ‘n’ cream, peanut butter, chocolate mint, chocolate and a Cyclone-themed flavor, which is a chocolate fudge that has peanuts and marshmallows mixed in it, topped with red and yellow M&Ms.

“The most popular flavors of 2022 were Cyclone and the original Chocolate,” said Esposito. 

The fudge went on sale last Friday, just in time for Valentine’s Day. With the sale being such a huge hit this year, the club is already planning for next year and looks forward to selling more fudge. If anyone is interested in joining the club you can contact Jacob Mefford, president of the Food Science Club, at [email protected]