What’s trending in politics?

Maria Pimentel-Diaz

This past week has been an eventful one in Washington D.C. Here are some of the big stories that arose this past week:

  • Trump’s one-year: On Saturday, President Donald Trump celebrated his first anniversary in the White House. While the celebrations for his first year in office were overshadowed by the government shutdown, here is a look back at the president’s more notable moments this past year.

  • Women’s March: On Saturday, the nation also celebrated the one year anniversary of the Women’s March where thousands of people across the globe gathered to protest President Trump’s inauguration and his policies. This year thousands of people across the nation gathered for the second annual Women’s March, here are some photos from the march in Des Moines.
  • Government shutdown: Saturday morning at 12:01 a.m., the government shutdown officially began. What does this mean? According to Time Magazine, a government shutdown occurs when Congress does not approve of a federal budget to fund government operations leading to some parts of the government closing until they can agree on a budget. This is also the first shutdown since 2013, but what’s making headlines is that it is the first shutdown that has occurred while the same party holds the White House, Senate and House.