‘I’m gonna move on’: Xavier Foster speaks after being cleared as suspect by Ames PD

Xavier Foster speaks to reporters Thursday after being being ruled out as a suspect in an ongoing Ames Police investigation.

Matt Belinson

Editor’s Note: The Iowa State Daily would like to make it clear that no charges have been filed in this investigation as of the time of publication.

Content Warning: This article contains information and accusations of sexual assault. Sensitive content may follow.

Xavier Foster broke his silence on Thursday after being cleared as a suspect in an ongoing sexual assault investigation dating back to October 2020. 

“I’m gonna move on,” Foster said. “I’m distancing myself from this and trying to get somewhere warm, have family be able to come visit me somewhere warm.”

Foster was named in a report to the Ames Police Department of an alleged sexual assault that took place off-campus in October 2020. Foster was directly named as a potential suspect, according to court documents, and police executed a search warrant in June 2021 for his DNA.

In October, Foster was dismissed from the Iowa State men’s basketball program.

“We hold our program to high standards and there are expectations that our student-athletes be accountable both on and off the court,” Iowa State head coach T.J Otzelberger said in the statement at the time of his dismissal. 

After being one of the most-sought-after recruits in program history, Foster was asked if he’d want to return to Iowa State and the Cyclone men’s basketball program.

Short answer: No.

But, he told reporters he and his legal counsel have unfinished business to take care of with Iowa State. But he has no bad-blood or grudge toward the university or the basketball program.

“No. Things happen,” Foster said when asked if he holds a grudge against Iowa State for dismissing him. “There’s still things that need to be fixed and arranged, some stuff that needs to be completed. There’s no hate anywhere.”

Alfredo Parrish, Foster’s attorney, offered some clarity into what next steps will be taken from Foster’s side towards Iowa State. 

“There’s some unfinished business with the university that we will be addressing. I have been in touch with their council and we’ll see where we go from there,” Parrish said. “We’re going to follow up on some things. No, he’s not athletic scholarship but there is an arrangement made for his tuition, etc.”

Dan Walter, Ames Police investigations commander, said the evidence in the case did not warrant charges to be brought against Foster.

When asked to offer specifics as to what evidence — or lack thereof — was used to determine Foster was no longer a suspect in the case, Walter said, “In Xavier’s case, there was not evidence to support charges.”

With no charges ever being filed against Foster, and with him now being removed as a suspect, Walter said Foster is all but removed from the case going forward.

“We don’t anticipate having to re-contact him or reinterview him for this investigation anytime soon,” Walter said.

While he didn’t take fault in the alleged off-campus incident, Foster did tell reporters he learned that, as a prominent public figure, he should not attend parties or go into public settings by himself going forward.

Foster didn’t comment on if the alleged incident naming him was a misunderstanding or a false-accusation. But he shared what he took away from the situation.

“Lesson learned for sure. [It] taught me not to go anywhere. Can’t just be going places on my own,” Foster said.

Dujuan Foster, Xavier’s father, said the last year and half has weighed on the family and caused plenty of stress.

As the case continued and updates were sporadic, the family began to think the worst could come true at times.

“It was stressful as all hell,” Dajuan Foster said. “Depending on what the charges would be, it could be a minimum of 10 years in prison. My kid’s not built for prison.”

The person that accused Foster was not immediately available for comment for this story.

The Iowa State Daily does not name victims of sexual violence without their explicit consent.