College of Design candidate profile: Emi Thornton

Emi Thornton, a senior majoring in architecture, is currently running for College of Design senator in the upcoming student elections.

Courtesy of Emi Thornton

Emi Thornton, a senior majoring in architecture, is currently running for College of Design senator in the upcoming student elections.

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Why do you want to join student government?

It’s important to me to be a member of Student Government so that I have every opportunity to help students on campus.


What are your qualifications to join? 

Prior to being a senator, I was a Destination Iowa State Leader as well as a supervisor for the ISU Foundation PhoneCenter. Both positions prepared me with knowledge necessary to help answer questions that students may have about campus life. If re-elected, I will be one of the few returning senators this term, which will allow me to help mentor the new senators, as well as use my knowledge to further help students.


What are the biggest issues facing Iowa State University? 

Some of the biggest issues are identity and financial based.


How do you plan to address the aforementioned issues? 

As a current member of the Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee, I am working on projects that promote access to LGBT and people of color resources on campus. We recently hosted a Multicultural Town Hall. I would need to be re-confirmed at the beginning of the next term to continue these projects, but I’m looking forward to it.

I also brought it to the attention of our president and vice president that new students without meal plans were not provided meals during DIS, which has been an obstacle for many students in the past. After working with faculty and other Senators, there will be a bill coming up in the next term to fund meals for students.

I also share on my Instagram account events relevant to Ames, like when the OneApp applications are opening and closing, as well as the Multicultural Town Hall, and The Center’s events.


What were your biggest accomplishments in student government?

I’m proud that I was able to address the meal issue at Destination Iowa State, even though the bill hasn’t come up yet. 

While I was in the Student Initiatives Committee, I was co-chair for the Access Walk event. This event took a lot of preparation, but in the end, we were able to assess Agronomy Hall and State Gym for their accessibility and inclusive design. Issues with the buildings were sent to Facilities and Planning Management so that they could be addressed. The event was open to all students, and we received a wonderful turnout. 


Why do you feel as though you’re a right fit for the position?

I think I do a wonderful job updating students with what’s happening on campus, even during the campaign cycle. I really try to dig through all the resources that Iowa State University has to offer, so that students know what’s available to them. I also carefully consider the bills before voting on them on Wednesday nights. I’m never unsure with my vote, it’s always very deliberate. 


How do you feel about student government performance last session? 

We were able to accomplish a lot of good for the Student Body. The trial run for funding a shuttle service to Des Moines during winter break went well, and there’s hope that we’ll have an opportunity to improve it. I hope that we’ll be able to continue to do well next term.


Thornton’s Instagram handle is @ekt_cod .


The Student Government elections will take place on March 1 and 2. Ballots will be emailed to students’ Iowa State email addresses.