Drinks to prepare for a bowl game party


Hannah Olson/Iowa State Daily

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Hosting a party for the Liberty Bowl? Well, here are a few drink recipes to spice up the atmosphere and get the party going! 

1. Baileys-Spiked Hot Chocolate

Mix a splash of Baileys with a cup of hot cocoa for the ultimate yet classic feel-good winter beverage.

2. Holiday Mule

Everyone loves a good mule! Spice it up with a festive twist by adding cranberry juice, a rosemary sprig and sugared cranberries for garnish.

3. Spiced Irish Coffee

Whip up some heavy cream, sugar, and pumpkin spice with your favorite cup of coffee and a little whiskey for a delicious treat guaranteed to wake you up on a cold evening.

4. Cranberry Sangria

A cup of orange juice, a half cup of brandy, fresh cranberries, sugar, a little water and an entire bottle of wine make for a merry holiday sangria.

5. Apple Pie Cocktail

Drink your holiday dessert this season by mixing together light apple juice, spiced rum, cinnamon sticks, allspice, and whipped cream. Easy to make and smells out of this world!

6. Hot Pumpkin Buttered Rum

Enjoy the perfect winter beverage with just the right amount of pumpkin puree and dark spiced rum to warm anyone up on the coldest day.

7. Spiced Eggnog

Simply add about an ounce and a half of your favorite rum with a glass of eggnog, making sure to top it off with nutmeg or cinnamon for that seasonal finish.

8. Mulled Wine

Who said wine can’t be served hot? Warm up a red wine of choice with oranges, sugar, cinnamon and additional spices in a saucepan for a chilly day.

9. Spiked Apple Cider

Cover and steep a few orange spice tea bags for five minutes before adding apple cider, rum of choice, and cinnamon sticks for a light but cozy fall beverage.

10. Candy Cane Cocktail

Combine strawberry vodka, creme de menthe, cranberry juice and ice in a cocktail shaker until well mixed. Wet the outside rim of a chilled martini glass and coat with crushed candy canes if you’re feeling extra festive.