Student Government to meet with the Ames City Council Thursday


New and established members of Student Government listening to the new senate confirmations during the weekly meeting.

Katherine Kealey

Members of Iowa State University Student Government will meet with the Ames City Council for a joint special meeting about the findings from two traffic stop studies Thursday at Ames City Hall.

Both studies evaluate whether or not racial disparities occur in traffic stops and were conducted on behalf of the Iowa State and Ames Police departments. The meeting will begin at 6 p.m. and is required for all members of Student Government. It can also be viewed via the City of Ames YouTube webpage

Iowa State University Student Body President Julia Campbell said the body wants to work with both departments and support them in their efforts to help keep the campus and community safe.

“We look forward to a candidate conversation with both the City of Ames, any public members as well as any students who are in attendance as well as members of student government,” Campbell said to the Daily. “We want to have an awareness leaving the meeting, the finding from the study.”

Executive Updates

On Feb. 16, Student Government will be hosting a focus group as a collaboration with Center for Excellence and Learning Technology. During which they will discuss U.S. diversity and international perspectives, as well as an inclusive classroom at the Memorial Union. Campbell encouraged all members to attend but it is not mandatory.

Student Government executive members and Graduate Professional Student Senate representatives met with the Special Student Fees Committee, and will be voting on Monday for the upcoming fiscal year.

Campbell and Diversity and Inclusion Director Alyannah Buhman, a senior majoring in criminal justice, met with the International Student Council about collaboration and projects between the two organizations.

Student Organizations

The Senate approved funding for the Cricket Club for competition in Houston, Texas, and Columbus, Ohio. The Senate also approved funding for the National Society of Black Engineers to travel for the 48th Annual National Society of Black Engineers National Convention. 

The Student Union Board Vice President Alyssa Rodriguez, a junior in political science presented a program on the work of the board since the start of the organization contract with Student Government in 2020. While the pandemic has impacted the Student Union Board, the organization has continued to book varying artists for student entertainment.

Senate Confirmations

The Senate confirmed at-large members to the Diversity and Inclusion Committee. 

  • Arilyn Tegtmeier-Oatman, a sophomore Global Resource Systems

  • Mary Malausky, a sophomore in psychology 

  • Harrabi Ghaidaa, a junior computer science 

The Senate also confirmed Shannon Clendenen, a sophomore majoring in Entrepreneurship to serve as an Associate Justice of the Student Government Supreme Court. The which consists of a chief justice and eight associate justices. Student Government Chief Justice Andrew Brueck, a junior majoring in political science, is stepping down to run for the Senate.

Ella Slade, a sophomore in graphic design, was confirmed to the Student Initiative s Committee as an at-large member. Madeline Becker, a sophomore in economics, was confirmed as a LAS Senator to fill the recent vacancy. 

The Senate filled two vacancies for the College of Engineering nominated by the Engineering Student Council. 

  • Jose Carlos Garcia, a senior in computer engineering  

  • Max Kueller, a junior majoring in software engineering

The body also nominated and confirmed United Residents of Off-Campus Senator Kit Clayburn, a junior in animal ecology as the senator CyRide Board of Trustees. 

Upcoming Dates

  • Feb. 15 pizza with the presidential and senate candidate events

    • Following the event will be the multicultural town hall (time and location TBD)

  • Feb. 23 at 7 p.m., the presidential debates at the Great Hall

  • Feb. 24 hot chocolate with the presidential and senate candidates

  • Elections take place March 1 and 2; ballots will be sent to students’ Iowa State emails.