‘You can’t win if you don’t play’: campus leaders advise on scholarship applications


Hannah Olson

President-select Wendy Wintersteen speaks during an interview with the Iowa State Daily on Nov. 3.

Emily Barske

As scholarship application season starts up, President Wendy Wintersteen had a few pieces of advice for Iowa State students.

Wintersteen said students should check their college’s website and talk to their adviser about what scholarships to apply for. The Iowa State financial aid website also has a tab for scholarships

Last year, Iowa State Senior Vice President and Provost Jonathan Wickert told the Daily that students need to go into scholarship applications with the mindset that they can win the scholarship.

Wickert provided the Daily with the following steps when writing your scholarship essays. 

  • First, do your homework
  • Read the essay requirements carefully
  • Be yourself
  • Be honest
  • Focus equally on the present and the future
  • Spelling and grammar count

See more of Wickert’s advice here

Wintersteen wanted to remind students of the importance of “taking the time to make that effort to put in their application.”

“You can’t win if you don’t play,” Wintersteen said. “Take the time. Make the effort. And see what’s available to you.”