“Now That’s Magic” lecture discussed the power of Black women throughout history


Nicole Hasek/ Iowa State Daily

According to Lundy, the hashtag #blackgirlmagic is meant to share the beauty and stories of Black women.


The Memorial Union welcomed Jessica Lundy, motivational speaker and life coach, on Monday night to present her lecture “Now That’s Magic: How Black Women Have Shaped History Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.”

Lundy used her time to share the victories, struggles and beauty of Black women. Lundy’s lecture can be looked at through three main points: the media, Black Girl Magic and her personal mission statement.


Lundy addresses an article written by Psychology Today about why Black women are less attractive.

“Imagine that you’ve been told your whole life that your skin is too light or your skin is too dark, that your lips are too big or your nose is too big,” Lundy said. “Or if you don’t fit the beauty standard, and you’re finally feeling confident in your own skin, and you’re hit with that unexpectedly.”

In response to this, Lundy told viewers to write the thing that is holding them back from their own confidence on a provided note card. After hearing some responses, such as peer pressure and mental abuse, each note card was torn up and thrown away so it did not go home with the person.

Black Girl Magic

In 2013, CaShawn Thompson was tired of feeling like she was not beautiful enough on social media. She started the hashtag #blackgirlmagic, which has had over 31 million tags, according to Lundy.

“She didn’t lash out, she decided to create a powerful movement that we call Black Girl Magic,” Lundy said. “On this hashtag, you’re going to see a whole variety of bold, beautiful Black women in a variety of ages and demographics. It’s an amazing experience.”

Lundy stated that on this tag, she sees young girls trying to figure themselves out, college students embracing their experiences and doctors who are breaking barriers.

“I think of someone creating a legacy bigger than themselves and wanting to celebrate the person next to them,” Lundy said. “I think of someone who is a trailblazer and an innovator in creating things that have never been done before. I think of a sisterhood.”

Mission Statement

Lundy’s personal mission statement was, “to inspire the next generation to overcome adversities, prioritize mental wellness, and wake up, and win every day with intent.”

Attendees were able to stand up and share their own personal mission statements and goals for what they want their legacy to be.

For Lundy, Oprah Winfrey and Simone Biles are her main inspirations. These women have influenced her to achieve what she sets her mind to, and she shares their success through their struggles. After feeling this empowerment, she states she felt she was able to inspire and encourage others as well.