New Netflix releases for spring 2022


Courtesy of Film Dailey

Netflix is releasing new films for spring 2022.

Hannah Scott

Every season Netflix releases new films and television shows for its users to enjoy and allows individuals to find new entertainment. This spring is no different, and Netflix is releasing a slew of new movies to their platform.

If you have been struggling to find something fun to watch, these new releases can give you an opportunity to find new and different content that you may not have thought to watch. Whether you need a study break or are just trying to relax, these releases will hopefully give you the rest you need.

New Releases to Netflix in Spring 2022

“Despicable Me”

A film that came out years ago and was beloved by many. The story centers around Gru, a wannabe villain whose plans never end up coming out as planned. When he adopts three young girls, he originally thinks they will be an easy cover-up for his newest heist, but they soon develop a bond that was never expected. While the film has been out for a while, the comedy still holds up, and it has a great message about found family and accepting each other’s imperfections.

“The Dark Knight”

The entire “Dark Knight” trilogy is being released onto Netflix; however, the second installment is the one that is often most heavily remembered by fans. With the story of Batman moving forward and bringing in the character of The Joker, the film has become one of the most praised superhero films of all time. Heath Ledger’s performance as The Joker has come to be remembered as one of the best iterations of the character.

“The Addams Family”

If you watched these films in your childhood, you’ll be happy to hear that the first film in this series is making its way onto Netflix. The story follows the Addams family members as they try to connect with their long-lost relative, Uncle Fester. The movie has a fun and macabre tone but is still able to be a family adventure.

“The Exorcist”

One of the most prolific horror films of all time, “The Exorcist” has become what many people hold as a gold standard. The film follows Regan MacNeil as she begins to not act like herself, and it is realized that she has been possessed. The film uses many techniques that were revolutionary at the time and is still highly revered.

“The Hangover”

The film that spawned a trilogy, “The Hangover,” follows three friends who go to Vegas for a bachelor party and end up in a bunch of trouble. The film was known for being raunchy at the time but it has become one of the most popular buddy comedies of the past few years.

For those who may need new things to watch and take time off with, these recommendations can be a starting point for finding new entertainment.