AMOS to host mental health house meeting

Talon Delaney

Church members from across central Iowa will meet at 7 p.m. on Thursday Nov. 9 in Bethesda Lutheran Church to discuss mental health issues in the Ames community.

AMOS, short for A Mid-Iowa Organizing Strategy, is hosting the event. They are a non-profit community organization that includes more than 30 Iowa churches and corporations.

“We believe the mental health situation in our community is unacceptable,” said Sue Ann Peck, mental health leader in the AMOS Ames cluster.

Peck is part of a seven person team that specializes with mental health issues.

Over 94 AMOS members already pledged to attend the meeting.

“We focus on issues that arrive in the community, and we work hard to change them on the local level,” said Sally Boeckholt, member of the AMOS Des Moines cluster.

This same cluster made news in 2016 when they worked on a program with Des Moines Police that gave young, first-time offenders a second chance at a clean record.

Attendance is limited to those affiliated with churches involved in AMOS. This includes church staff as well as congregation members. You can check online to see if your church is affiliated with AMOS.