Student Government looks to update seat assignments on the Diversity and Inclusion Committee


Photo by Katherine Kealey/ Iowa State Daily

The Student Government Senate deliberated about the condemnation of the Big 12’s expansion for the lack of student input during their Sept. 29 meeting.

Charles Klepps

The Iowa State Student Government will look at updating the seat assignments on the Diversity and Inclusion Committee. 

These changes are focused on improving participation within the committee. According to the bill, it is the responsibility of the Senate to ensure that the committees are functioning and completing the tasks brought to them. 

Dhruv Gamdha, a graduate student in mechanical engineering, and David Pena-Medina, a senior in agriculture science, will be relinquished of their duties on the committee if the bill passes. 

Another bill will look to sit Emi Thornton, a senior in architecture-professional degree, on the Diversity and Inclusion Committee. Thornton was confirmed in the previous meeting to the Rules Committee. 

The Student Government will also look to fill vacant seats on the Sustainability Committee. If the bill passes, Gamdha and Pena-Medina would both be relinquished, as nominees, Olivia Miller, a sophomore in environmental science, and Alex Branham, a senior in environmental science, would assume the rights and responsibilities. 

The Student Government will also look to confirm two voting members to the Election Commission. Varsha Pesaru, a freshman in computer engineering, and Katelyn Proctor, a sophomore in pre-business, are the nominees.

The Student Government will also look at a bill regarding electing a new chair to the Student Initiative Committee and relinquishing chairship. The current tenant is involved in another position that carries similar responsibilities. 

The Election Commission’s violation process will also be reviewed. The changes would allow the Attorney General to investigate and prosecute all offenses against the student body. 

The Iranian Students’ and Scholars’ Association (ISSA) and the Iowa State Equestrian Hunt team are each asking the Student Government for some more funding. ISSA needs funding for a celebration event, while the Equestrian Hunt team is requesting more funding due to growing participation. 

The Student Government will also introduce a bill that would establish At-Large Committee standards. This would create attendance and expectation standards for those on the committee. 

The Student Government Senate meets at 6 p.m. Wednesdays in the Campanile Room at the Memorial Union.