8 Iowa State-related Halloween jokes


Max Goldberg/Iowa State Daily

A pair of Jack-O’-Lanterns sit on a porch in Copper Beech, lighting up the night as Halloween quickly approaches.

Emily Barske

Here are a few Iowa State related jokes in the hopes that you’ll have a spook-tacular Halloween. Disclaimer, these are bad. 

1. What did Iowa State head coach Matt Campbell say after defeating TCU Saturday? 


2. What’s the most popular Halloween drink at Iowa State? 

Apple Cy-der

3. What’s more cursed than a witch’s spell?

The Zodiac

4. What do you call an Iowa State wizard?

A Hilton Magician

5. What do you call a Hawkeye fan trying to be scary? 

A Hallo-weenie

6. What do you call an Iowa State pumpkin? 

A Jack (Trice)-O-Lantern

7. What month does school start at Iowa State? 


8. How does a werewolf cheer for the Cyclones? 

Go Io-wooooooo State

That’s all folks. I’ll leaves you alone now.