Jake Dalbey: Assistant digital editor of social media


Jake Dalbey pictured at Lollapalooza. 

Jake Dalbey

I came into the Daily as a very scared freshman who could put words to a page but was frightened at the idea of an interview longer than “hello” and “goodbye”. Though at the time I did not know what I wanted out of a career, let alone being a journalist, I persevered through training and began my time as a reporter.

Much to my surprise I loved it.

Getting to see every nook and cranny of campus, interview administration on tough topics and feel as though I was more connected with Iowa State at a very personal level led me to enjoy my time as a writer. However, I soon learned that being a full time journalist was not my calling.

As much as I enjoyed writing I began to feel some fatigue and wanted to explore other options within the Greenlee School.

About a year later, and a major change into public relations, the Daily opened a new position under the title of assistant digital editor of social media. Something clicked and I found that niche within the Daily that I had been attempting to find. With this opportunity I can still contribute to our daily news cycle while remaining behind the scenes.

Thinking of new ways to interact with our readers, post new and exciting content and creating our third season of Facebook live shows is what I love about my job and keeps me excited for the future of the Daily.