New Sexual Misconduct Policy Drafted

A new draft of the Iowa State “Sexcual Misconduct, Sexual Assult, Sexual Harrasment, Satalking, and Intimate Partnership Violence Involving Student Policy” has been formed.

In the “Campus Safety and Security Report” by the Iowa Board of Regents last year Iowa State saw a rise in sexual offenses from 2015 to 2016. (Saw a rise in sexual offenses or in offenses reported?)

Margo Foreman, the Title IX Coordinator/Director at the office of Equal Opportunity, is on the Sexual Misconduct committee that drafted the new policy.

When asked about the changes in the new draft Foreman said “ The most significant change occur in the student conduct charge phase. Students who are charged in a Sex Misconduct case and choose to go through the hearing process will have one alternative rather than two.  The Adjudicated Law Judge option will not be offered but a thoroughly trained hearing panel will hear the case, issue a disposition and any sanctions that might result.”

Another change Foreman noted was “…the availability for students to engage in a voluntary alternative resolution activity in lieu of an investigation (when appropriate).”

The change in Policy was prompted by “The university’s obligation to attempt to reach fair and prompt resolution to Title IX investigations.” Said Foreman

The main purpose for the change is for the University to respond in a timely manner, offer due process, and help educate students involved in sexual misconduct to navigate the process.

“Student should know that the University has been working diligently on a policy update for more than 6 months,” said Foreman.

Student government representatives were encouraged to provide input into the policy by the committee. Foreman said that “We take all cases of reported sexual misconduct seriously knowing all parties are seriously impacted.  We are committed to prevention as well as responding of such cases.”

It is also to be noted this proposed change in policy is not a response to Secretary Devos’ guidance. Education Secretary Betsy Devos’ made remarks in september that her department will revisit Obama-era policies on campus sexual-assault.

If passed the new policies would be in effect on January 8 2018. The Sexual Misconduct committee welcomes comment and questions. They may be submitted to [email protected] between October 2 and November 17.