Humor: Man meets total loser in bathroom mirror



Moments before his fateful encounter, this frat boy gets ready to fight his biggest demon, himself.

Robert Reinhard

Plastered off of Natty Lite, a sophomore fraternity student while trying to pee unknowingly met an unexpected guest in the bathroom mirror: himself. 


“Bro, did you follow me here? What frat are you from, PKE,” the fraternity brother said, unaware he was speaking to himself. “How many girls did you have to bring in to get into this party? What the hell, did you lock the door? Are you trying to fight, loser?” 


Punches were then thrown.


Following the smashing of the mirror, the fraternity brother, confused, exited the bathroom. Two hours passed. 


Following several shots of Fireball and a box of wine, the fraternity bro felt nauseous and re-entered the bathroom, throwing up in the sink. Feeling the stubble on his neckbeard rise, the fraternity brother then looked up, once again, to be greeted with the same loser.


“You followed me here, again?!? What fraternity are you in, Beta Beta Beta?” the fraternity brother said as he threw a second punch. 


“Ow!” his twin brother replied. Insulted and assaulted, his brother leaves the party to find a new brother, both more and less fraternal.