Iowa State takes No. 7 Florida to OT in best performance of Season

Junior Forward Klasey Medelberg takes the ball to the goal Sept. 17. The Cyclones lost to the Gators 2-1 in overtime. 

Connor Ferguson

The Iowa State soccer team had a full performance on Sunday afternoon at the Cyclone Sports Complex.

The Cyclones took the No. 7 Florida Gators to overtime in what ended up being a 2-1 loss for the team.

“We’ve seen spots of that throughout the season,” Iowa State coach Tony Minatta said. “To see it come together for an entire game shows that our players are learning and growing.”

The Cyclones fell to 2-6-1.

“We’ve had to grow a lot because we’ve lost so many players,” Minatta said. “We just keep overcoming adversity. When you overcome that adversity, it makes you tougher, and it’s going to put us in a position where nothing is going to phase us in conference play.”

This year, Iowa State has shown flashes of playing at a high potential, but Minatta said Sunday, the team showed they could do it for 90 minutes.

“I felt like we fought, getting that goal early, but we didn’t let up,” Minatta said. “Typically we’ve seen some lulls in games this season and this particular game we fought all the way to the end.

Iowa State was the first on the board Sunday as Hannah Cade tallied her first goal of the season to give the team a 1-0 lead on the Gators.

“It felt awesome, just because we haven’t scored first yet,” Cade said. “Just to get that under our belt, I think that established some confidence in the team, and we all work so hard to get that.”

Cade lead the team in goals during her freshman season in 2016, finishing the year with three.

Iowa State looked to have the game relatively under control, although Florida’s Deanne Rose put a rock in that, tying the game 1-1 with 34 minutes of play.

Through the rest of the game, both teams had their number of chances, but neither were able to capitalize.

The two went to overtime to settle the draw, where the Gators came out on top.

Iowa State goalie Dayja Schwictenberg came out of the net to challenge for a ball, but Deanne Rose got to it first and connected on her second goal of the game.

“I think we needed that for the season because we have been losing a lot of games in a row,” Klacey Medelberg said. “I think that because we were able to do that, and prove to ourselves that we could play at that level and that intensity for that long, I think it’s going to be good for our confidence as a team.”

Next up, Iowa State will begin Big 12 play with a match on the road against Texas on Friday.