Ames City Auditorium to collaborate with student organizations for spring events


Mackenzie Bodell

The Ames City Auditorium is located in downtown Ames at 520 6th St. 

Mackenzie Bodell

The Ames City Auditorium is collaborating with Iowa State students to create unique local events and concerts over the course of the spring semester. 

The Ames City Auditorium is located in downtown Ames. 

“I think one of our disadvantages we always have is that a lot of students don’t know we’re here,” said Ames City Auditorium manager Craig Kaufman. 

For students without vehicles, most CyRide routes have a stop right outside the auditorium. 

“Pretty much every bus stops here,” Kaufman said. “So getting here from campus, even if you don’t have a car, you just hop on CyRide, come down and then jump right back on and go back home.” 

The auditorium hosts annual events with the ISU Hip Hop Club and The African Student Association. In addition to those events, Ames City Auditorium plans to host several new events that they want to share with the community. 

One of the upcoming events is a concert on March 25. This event is co-sponsored with Ames City Auditorium and the Iowa State student organization GENRE. 

GENRE (Gathering Everyone Nearby to Raucously Entertain) is “is the ultimate music club at ISU,” according to their website. 

The concert will feature a lineup of student bands from the community. This event is still in the planning stages and information will be released as it becomes available. 

Another new event coming to the Ames City Auditorium is a hip-hop workshop and concert event during the first week of March. 

Hip-hop duo The Reminders will be traveling to Ames from Denver for this event. On March 1, the pair will give an informational ‘TED talk’ style lecture regarding their personal experiences and the overall history behind hip-hop.

Ames City Auditorium is partnering with Iowa State’s lecture series program to host this event. The lecture event is open to the general public free of cost and will be held at the Great Hall in the Memorial Union at 7 p.m. 

The Reminders will perform a concert at 7 p.m. March 5 at the Ames City Auditorium. Tickets for the concert will be $15. 

There will be six hybrid concerts happening throughout February and March. Five of the concerts will be produced under the “Virtually Anywhere…and Here” concert series. 

Tickets for those virtual concerts will be ‘pay what you will’ and can be purchased online. If attending in person, tickets will be $5 paid at the door. 

There will be an Iowa State student concert on March 26. This event is called the ISU Takeover Concert. The Ames City Auditorium, in partnership with Nova Lab Records in Ames, will be arranging this event. It will feature three bands, three solo acts and stand-up comedy. 

Admission to the ISU Takeover Concert is $5. The concert is still in the planning stages and information will continue to be released as it becomes available. 

The Ames City Auditorium is located at 520 6th St. in Ames. 

Visit the Ames City Auditorium Facebook page for more information regarding upcoming events.